San Agustin: The Hippie Life
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Hippies from around the world
all seemed to end up there
you could do what ever you wanted to do
no one in the town seemed to care
the days were long and the sun was hot
the nights were cool and forgiving
the local people in the town
didn't understand the life we were living

The hippies all did the hippie things
that the folks in the states did then too
only down there in San Agustin
people would give the stuff to you
there was so very much of every thing
that we hippies had gone there for
you could do as much as ya wanted
there was plenty and you could always get more

The towns one main attraction
were monoliths carved from stone
by men who came from far away
cover with grass now over grown
we watched explorers as they dug up
the tombs and treasures they found
we hadn't much else to do there
San Agustin's a rather small town

Some times we would rent horses
and ride far off in the sun
climbing mountains and crossing valleys
eating hungos and just having fun
we'd see the world as it was meant to be
untouched by the hand of man
if only I were a little younger
I think I'd go back there again

The bus came to town three times a week
one bus in and the same bus out
but no one wanted to leave that place
when they found out what it was about
San Augustin back in the 70's
was the only place to be
if you wanted to live the hippie life
and be allowed to just run free

Only a degree North of the equator
high in the central plain
of Colombia's Andes in Hulia
in San Agustin you could go insane
no one would ever bother you
but of course that was way back then
I'm sure the place has changed by now
and will never be the same again
©2001 Jim Nasium

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