To Stay In Quito: A Place I Know
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Not far from the bus station in Quito
is a little back street hotel
the people who own and operate it
treat me pretty well
every time I go down there
like when I just need to get away
sometimes I'll go for the winter
sometimes just for a few days

A place I know of near Quito
is not on any map
it's a little town in the jungle
not infected with material crap
the folks that live there are Indians
Santa Domingo de los Colorado's by name
they saved me when lost in the jungle once
they kept me from going insane

Five days and nights I spent with them
sitting around the main camp fire
we were drinking chi chi and doing yahe'
we couldn't get any higher
the time was spent learning
my teacher was the chief
the lesson was to be happy
and rid my life of grief

A place I know of far away
is still close to me in my heart
if you ever need to get away
Quito is a good place to start
with Colombia to the North of you
to the South you'll find Peru
the climate is absolutely perfect
I'm sure you'd like the place too
©2001 Jim Nasium

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