To Stay In Quito: It'd be Nice To Know What's New
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I met her in the North of Quito
so very many years ago
the city sector called Parque Italia
there's a few people down there I know
the people are all so friendly
and Quito is not too far away
from the Indian Market in Otavalo
that stays open 3 nights and four days

She wanted to go to Otavalo with me
I was happy to have her tag along
I had no idea in the beginning
that I'd fall victim to her siren song
she looked at me with her big green eyes
her red hair glowed in the afternoon sun
it was over before I knew what happened
I wasn't ready for what she had done

A young man in a far away world
has only one thing on his mind
he needs to explore and have adventure
who knows what he could find
if he just keeps on moving
no matter if a heart has to break
to stay in Quito forever with her
would have been a big mistake

Lately I've been thinking about her
I wonder what she's been up to
the last thing I heard from her
she just got back from the south of Peru
a friend of mine is on his way
to Quito, then Otavalo too
I hope he bumps into her
it'd be nice to know what's new...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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