Another Side Of Peru
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I've been sitting here waiting
the bus is late again
I walked for hours to get here
me, my guide and his friend
we planned to go much deeper
than we have explored before
once our bus gets here
I don't want to wait any more

A vendor sells me a pina slice
some papaya and corn that's blue
we sit and chat a little bit
there's not much else to do
time goes by so slowly here
in this land that never seems to end
you get over one mountain peak
then there's another to cross over again

The children all make fun of me
sitting there waiting for the bus
I just let them go ahead
no need to start a fuss
I close my eyes and drift away
till a horn wakes me from my sleep
the bus is here at long last
all my plans now I can keep

The bus takes me to a dirt road
many miles out of town
nothing ever happens here
you can not hear a sound
we ride on the dirt road for hours
it is paved only with pot holes
the dust comes in through broken windows
and covers our worthless souls

for what seems like forever
we drive to no place at all
then I see an old stone church
standing so very tall
in the center of a small town
I have never been to before
I jmped up out of my seat
I want to be the first one out the door

The porter hands down my bag
from a rack up on the bus roof
the driver's in the cafe already
drinking and acting like a goof
I meet a man with many llamas
he knows what he was hired to do
and so we're off to the ruins
on the East side of Peru
©2001 Jim Nasium

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