The East Side Of Peru
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Over grown jungle trails
lead high into the unknown
towards snow capped peaks
that must be crossed
below valleys lay waiting
for strangers who come to stay
at first for only a while
then end up never leaving

a magical place blessed by the sun god
warm days go by slow here
there's coca and gold for the taking
if you are one of the strong
on long horse back trips to ruins
rich in history and wonder
ancient places that need respect
to be understood completely

long cold nights are spent
wrapped up in Indian blankets
woven by hand on primitive looms
while naked llamas roam freely
women cook the big meal of the day
the men are back from the hunt
children are busy playing
no one cares that I am here

to them I will always be
just another strange white man
they don't understand what I do
so we try to teach each other
sitting crossed legged on the ground
passing large gourds of chi chi
under the velvet star filled sky
every once in awhile

the air is so thin
when I'm up in the ruins
I move as slow as I can
as not to stir the dust
I don't want to change a thing
no one needs to know I was here
searching for a deeper understanding
of the East side of Peru
©2001 Jim Nasium

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