We've Been Apart For Awhile Now
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

We've been apart for awhile now
there was nothing else we could do
we were going in different directions
our time together was through
she said that she would be ok
and asked me not to worry
I had to get her out of my life
there was no other choice for me

I was sure that she'd be alright
but every thing went wrong
now she walks the streets at night
singing a sirens song
she's happy with what she's doing
working nignts and sleeping all day
but I fear for her life
I'm sure she'll get AIDS some way

I thought that she would be alright
if I just let her go free
but as it turns out I was wrong
it's so very plain to see
that she's back in her addiction
she wants no part of a sober life
her time is spent with pimps and johns
she has no desire to be one mans wife

I sit over here and blame myself
for what she has become
I thought that she would be ok
how could I be so dumb
she's lost now and it's all my fault
there's not a whole lot I can do
but sit around and let time pass
accepting the fact that we're through

she's walking on some street right now
looking for a lonely man
who'll pay her good money
to pretend she can understand
his needs and his desires
she'll satisfy his lust
I wish that I could save her
in my heart I know that I must

I'll search for her every where
someone must know where she stays
I'll search until I find her
it's how I'll spend my days
until that day that I find her
then help her get one more chance
by taking her to a drug rehab
perhaps she'll take a stance

You can only bring a horse to water
you can't make the horse drink
I know that I'm helpless to change her
no matter what you think
she's lost and it's all my fault
I just couldn't take any more
her life went straight to hell
the day she walked out my door

We've been apart now for awhile now
there was nothing else we could do
we're going in different directions
our time together is through
when I asked her to leave my house
a different future for her life I saw
than working the streets for money
going to bed with any one at all

The guilt from what she has become
lays heavy on my heart
had I know this would happen
I never would have broken us apart
it seems I was her saving grace
she stayed sober just for me
but now the womans lost her way
and we're just history
©2001 Jim Nasium

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