The Devil Was Once An Angel
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Devil was once an angel
even angels can go astray
but still I wish there was an angel for me
I could use an angels help today
I need something to believe in
I need a strong guiding hand
I need a heavenly body to be there
to help me to understand

I know that what I want to do
is as wrong as it can be
but how can something that wrong
feel so very good to me
I know that if you want me to
make a change you'll show me the way
the devil was once an angel
even angels can go astray

forgive me lord for what you know
I just have to do today
it's been so long since I've felt like this
I can see no other way
if heaven is all you say it is
if the streets are really paved with gold
I can't wait to be there
I don't want to wait till I'm old

too chicken shit to end my own life
I sit quietly alone in the dark
when ever I run short on supplies
I only need to walk to the park
it's just around the corner
everything I need is there
I know what I'm doing is wrong
but I really just don't care
too old to feel this alone
to young to be tied down
I hear my home boys calling me
come back to the bad side of town
but to me the place is like quick sand
you get stuck and end up in a fight
every time I do go down there
I end up staying for three days one night

The Devil was an angel once
but even angels can go astray
I guess since I know what I'm doing
it's just gott'a happen this way
every one who sees me on the street
will have no idea at all
that at last my heart has been broken
so for me, it's time to take a fall...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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