A New Friend
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The smell of bacon and eggs frying
scented the apartments bedroom air
I woke up with a hangover
I wondered what I was doing here
I heard her calling out my name
her voice was not familiar to me
I wondered how did I get here
and where here could be

She called me in for breakfast
but I had no idea who she was
or what her name could be
and only wanted to catch a buzz
but ended up drinking all last night
then I must of come here with her
not much of what happened is very clear
the whole night is a blur

Not knowing exactly what to do
I quickly put on my pants
I ran my fingers through my hair
wondering about my newest romance
what will this woman look like
and more importantly can she cook
I made my way into the kitchen
I couldn't wait to get a look

I saw a woman standing there
at the kitchen sink
her hair was long and curly
her skin was milky pink
her body was as perfect
as a woman's body could be
she was cooking breakfast naked
just for her and me

I said hello, and good morning
she asked me if I remembered her name
I told her no I didn't
and that I am not insane
but sometime when I drink a lot
I can't recall a thing
she told me to sit down
and served me a meal fit for a king

We sat and talked for hours
about everything we could
we both wanted to talk about last night
but didn't know if we should
then she asked me to shower
with her to wash her back
I knew she wanted me to stay with her
that she wanted me back in the sack

I told her that I had to go
after all it was the middle of the day
I asked her to see me again
half afraid of what she would say
but to my surprise she said she would
like very much to see me again
I left her apartment smiling
very happy I made a new friend
©2001 Jim Nasium

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