Missing You
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

bare walls now where photos once hung
outlines of paintings, that once covered cracks in the wall
curtainless windows let in too much light now that you are gone
this place will never be the same with out you

one coffee cup sits dirty in the sink
one messy plate from mornings meal on the table
the trash cans not as full as it used to be
no one can tell me it'll be ok

there's no scent from your perfume in the air
no girls things hanging over the shower curtain rod
no lip stick or make up laying on the sink
it's clear now that you are gone

the silence I sit in is new to this place
a place we once called our home
a home that is just a house now
a house where one man lives in the past missing you

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I must be getting better
they say time will heal all wounds
cause now I can see in color again
my life is like a looney tune
nothing I see makes any sense
I can't understand a thing that I hear
I'm sinking in a sea of self pity
I know I need to get out of here
©2001 Jim Nasium

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