When My Muse Sings
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

There's nothing I want to write about
I have nothing special in mind
but I'll try my best to make a point
and use the best words I can find
it seems that what I wanted to share
is not too important after all
what's it matter where I've been
or what I did and all I saw

There's nothing I want to write about
tell me why even bother to share
just because it may be important to me
doesn't mean that you would care
because it makes some sense to me
don't mean that you'd understand
chances are great that even this poem
will end up in your e mail trash can

There's noting I want to write about
even though I have so much to say
I guess I have just grown tired
of sitting here writing every day
perhaps it's time to take a break
and not write one more thing
but how can I refuse inspiration
when my muse starts to sing

There's nothing I want to write about
but the words just come to me
my muse is very clever
and she keeps me very busy
time goes by so quickly
the day draws to an end
my muse sings her siren song
and some how inspires me again

©2001 Jim Nasium

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my muse is very over active
she is always inspiring me
some times she's sad and thoughtful
sometimes silly and very happy
sometimes she'll sit and reminisce
of the days gone by us now
but now matter what mood she is in
she always inspires me somehow

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