Las Lajas: A Place Of Miracles
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Las Lajas A Place Of Miracles: Part One

a short walk towards the border
cross the river, a natural divide
down dirt roads rich in history
towards unknown countryside
sits the sanctuary of Las Lajas
built right into the mountain side
so many miracles are performed there
it'll make you swallow your pride

seven stories created from stone
carved one at a time by hand
built by the missionaries who came here
to bring God to this pagan land
sitting on one side of the river
a bridge will close that gap
it's funny but this magical place
is not on any map

The alter was carved out of the mountain
then covered with pure gold
there are many wonderful things there
each one a site to behold
but this place is not for the healthy
it's a place for the lame and the sick
they come here and they are healed
it's a miracle it is not a trick

I watched them as the kneel to pray
I hear their sad lonely plea
I knew I had to leave right away
this is no place for me
I am one'a the lucky ones
everything on me works fine
I am not sick, I am healthy
I can walk, and I'm not blind

A priest stands off in the darkness
in a back corner of the room
he motioned to me to come to him
then told me to leave here soon
he explained this place is sacred
that miracles take place here every day
and since I am not sick or lame
I'd better be on my way

As I left I took a few pictures
then brought them home with me
scanned them in my scanner
and saved them in my PC
now I want to show you
a magical place that I've been too
this is the sanctuary of Las Lajas
that I'd like to show to you...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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Las Lajas A Place Of Miracles: Part Two2

When I got there they all acted funny
there was a very strange vibe in the air
I asked them to show me the lower chambers
they told me I didn't belong down there
this place is not for every one
it's only for the lame sick and poor
they asked me to leave right away
and not to come back here anymore

I wanted to go to a place known for miracles
many have been cured there before
they come from all over the world
each in search of a cure
the lame the sick the blind the poor
they come here one and all
I'll never forget what happened to me there
or the magical things that I saw

seven stories of a stone cathedral
built into the mountain side
the place is sacred I've been told
a safe refuge for broken souls to hide
certain doors were locked for a reason
there are mysteries some rooms still hold
the sanctuary at Las Lajas in Colombia
stands tall, proud and is very old

there are so many lower chambers
in the cathedral on the Colombian side
of the river it is built across
near the border checkpost where I lied
I told the police that I was a minister
I stood there with a bible in my hand
I knew that I needed to play the part
to get in please try to understand

Las Lajas is a place of miracles
a place where I didn't belong
but my plan worked all to perfectly
then I heard the lame sing their song
as I made my way across the bridge
and through the big main door
I walked past the rows of wooded pews
that don't get used much anymore

I stood and looked around the place
the alter was covered in gold
carved right into the mountain wall
it was carved by hand I've been told
the columns that support the ceiling
were laced with gold and very tall
over in a corner I saw a door
back on the dark far wall

I made my way to that dark door
a guard stopped me on my way
he told me to stand still and listen
very carefully to what he would say
he said he knew what I wanted to do
but that I didn't belong down there
but if I did go to remember his warning
and learn for myself he didn't care

the door was hard to open
it wasn't used much anymore
it took me out to a stairwell
that took me down three floors
I went in a room with a window
that let in stained glass colored light
and what I saw when I got inside
shook my soul and gave me a fright

I was in a room full of crutches
canes braces and wheel chairs
left behind by the lame that had been healed
one at a time over the years
there was a feeling in the lower room
I got goose bumps all over my body
standing there I just looked around
I couldn't believe all there was there to see

one thing I know for certain
is that miracles can be real
I'll never forget what I saw
or the way that room made me feel
the colored light got bright and blinded me
then I heard a powerful voice say
you better get out of this place
and I do mean right away

I made my way out off that room
and back up the steps to the top
as I came running through the door
I ran right into the same cop
he smiled and said I told you
you didn't belong down stairs
I tell you my friend that's how
I got all of my gray hairs

the place is a place of miracles
a place where healthy people don't belong
I left there just as soon as I could
I didn't get to stay to long
but I never will forget Las Lajas
where miracles take place every day
if your not sick lame or blind
it's best if you just stay away
©2001 Jim Nasium

this is Las Lajas, a magical place

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