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All Of Them: They All Know My Name

They all say that they know my name
Some claim to see through my game
Some say they are there to help me
Some just to drive me insane

They think they see thru what I do
They don't know I can see through them too
They say they want one thing but
I know what they really want to do

And I know what you want too
You still want to be in my heart
You have, I know, from the start
Many miles apart yet somehow still true

Then YOU want me to marry YOU
To get us a small house
To be there when ever you need me
To stay quiet as a mouse

Others want me to draw for them
Banners of blue and green
They come to me when they need me
When drawing is done they flee

One I know wants to be a friend
While she remains unseen
She is mousy with a rough voice
She wants to be some other man's Queen

The one that we call The Woman Child
Came and made me smile awhile
Now pulled away by her life's trials
The distance more than just the miles

Then one of them says she needs my words
Her voice I asked her to give to me
She said "I can't because after all
I am no longer free"

One thinks all of my poems are about her
She has been waiting for one of her own you see
She said that i just don't understand
How much she really cares about me

One of them is far away
She is the maker of cow heads
I haven't heard much about her lately
She might even be dead

Another one lives far away too
She ran off with our son
Since she's been gone I have no fun
I sit here, lonely, confused and blue

One or two of them say they love me
Words that cut me, just like a knife
But not as deep as the words YOU speak
"I want to be your wife"

I think that I undestand why they use me
When done they just throw me away
I think I understand it all too cleary now
So this has to be the very last day

They all say they know my name
Some claim to see through my games
Trouble seems to follow fame
That's why I am NOT to blame

If they really truly knew the man
Whose name they all say they know
My heart would full with happiness
The joy would truely show

I will say in your face that is not the case
And my heart is still black, broken and cold
Tonights the night I changed my name
NOW... let the story be told

1997 Jim Nasium

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