All I Want To Know
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

When they asked me to speak at the meeting
The Arts Alliance held at the local YMCA
I said "I would be happy to
in fact I've been waiting for this day
at last I'll have an opportunity
to show folks how I do what I do"
so we made arrangements to meet that afternoon
somewhere around half past two

I gathered up a lot of my printed work
some of it old and some of it new
I wanted them to see my art
on paper and in the computer too
so I took my lap top and my IPM
got in my car and buried the speedometer
I knew they would like seeing me present my art
on an Interactive Presentation Monitor

They helped me set everything up
the lights, the lap top, and the IPM too
they gave me a little table to lay out my art
so that people could take time to look through
my art that was printed out on paper
if they wanted to see how it felt
I had the whole thing planned to go down smooth
and was gonn'a make the young ladies melt

The room slowly filled with folks
artist, poets and the like
they all belonged to the arts alliance group
just then a man named Mike
stood up and addressed the crowd
he welcomed them all to the show
then explained who I was to the group
telling them what they all ready know

I took the floor and opened
with a joke just to break the ice
I had one of my best suits on
I wanted to look very nice
I explained why I was there to the group
they all paid attention to me
when I told them that I had a treat for them
some wild computer art for them to see

They say if something could go wrong
then for sure it will
everything was going ok
until the whole room got a thrill
the building was hit by lighting
all the electricity was now gone
the people all started to panic
the place was in an uproar before long

Someone must have kicked the table
that my lap top was sitting on
I heard it crash to the floor
I knew that it was gone
I tried to find and hold on to
my big expensive IPM
but I knew that I was too late
when I heard that crashing sound again

by now someone had found the door
the crowd quickly ran out of the room
I was alone with my broken things
my presentation met it's doom
before it ever got started
but that's just the way it goes
so who is going to pay for my broken stuff
that's all I want to know
©2001 Jim Nasium

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