The Old Lady Who Walked With A Cane
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The lady had fallen some time ago
she twisted then broke her knee
she had so many plans for her life
this is not the way she wanted it to be
but fate is sometime cruel to us all
she was forced to walk with a cane
slowly she grew old and feeble
and some what slightly insane

She took too many pain pills one day
before she had to see the doc
she was pretty well smash
when she looked over at the clock
she was running late and had to hurry
so she downed her last tonic and gin
drove just as fast as she could
drunk, tired, dirty and thin

She parked her car sideways
made her way out the car door
slowly walked up the handicap ramp
that she had taken a few times before
then when she reached for the office door
the door opened fast and wide
it smacked her right in the head
every one thought that she had died

The man who was leaving the office
opened the door before he took a look
he was a big husky man
that made his living as a cook
he didn't see the lady with the cane
coming in from the other side
when he pushed the door into her head
he was humbled and lost his pride

The old woman who walked with a cane
lay motionless on the floor
a little blood flowed from her head
where she had been hit by the door
some one called for the doc to come
to see what he could do
he started to give her mouth to mouth
before he sent her to ICU

The woman woke to feel the doc's
lips pressing close to her mouth
she gather her thoughts for a moment
then kick him in the south
he jump and screamed and held his balls
as he fell and rolled on the floor
exactly what would happen next
no one could really be sure

We all stood by in silence
as the old lady got on her feet
she said to the crying doctor
do ya think my lips are sweet
the lady had no idea at all
what the doctor was trying to do
I started to laugh I couldn't help my self
it was so funny I'm telling you

The doctor only tried to help
the lady who walked with a cane
I'd never seen anything like this before
the whole freaking thing was insane
the lady went on to her appointment
the doctor to the emergency room
I sat and waited in the lobby
the place was as quiet as a tomb
©2001 Jim Nasium

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