Two Poems by Jim Nasium

Grandmom And Grandpop

First a poem about my Grandpop
then a poem about my Grandmom


I recall sitting on my grandpops knee
he was the gateway to all possibilities
he always made me happy and I smiled
as we sat on the dock and fished for awhile
he taught me about right from wrong
he'd sing me his favorite Italian Folk song
showed me how to keep a tool box
taught me to think like a wise old fox
there was always something new in his work shop

I really liked being with my grandpop
he took me into The Family Trade
once I learned he made sure I got paid
he'd measure my height on the kitchen wall
a record to see just how tall
I grew with all the passing years
though the joys, and through the tears
always there to control my fear
his memory is one I'll always hold dear
me and my grandpop

2001 Jim Nasium


She didn't live that far from me
sometimes I would ride my bike
or load my wagon with some things
grab my dog and take a little hike
across town to my grand ma's house
her home was special place to me
I never will forget her face
I've so many memories

The aroma of fresh bread baking
the big pot of tomato sauce on the stove
the smell of onions and peppers frying
with meat balls and a garlic clove
home made pasta boiling in hot water
fresh baked pies on the window sill
the table set and ready for us all
the memory is very clear still

Grandma's kitchen was a mix of flavors
when we met there for the Sunday meal
I never will forget those golden days
and the way grandma made me feel
she'd hold me on her lap at night
and sing a song in Italian to me
I can still hear her singing
it's a priceless memory

The days spent once at grandma house
long ago when I was just a boy
are reduced to only memories now
but each one holds such joy
my grandma was a special lady
I will never forget her face
and all the times that I spent
over at my grandma's place
my grandmom
2001 Jim Nasium

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