A Few Of My Friends
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Catherine is a Chinese woman I know
her feet and hands are tiny
she has so much love in her heart
she just loves to wait on me
she'll bathe me when I go there
she sucks me till I almost explode
then she'll allow me my way with her
as I get into my dog mode
she has shown me many special tricks
Karma Sutra I think she said
she is such a lovely friend
I like playing in her bed

Lucy is another friend
she don't live too far away
and sometime very late at night
she calls, and invites me to play
the games that lovers often play
when they're behind a locked door
then she'll ask me for money
yes Lucy is a whore
but I go to her away
she's just as clean as can be
I let her do what ever she wants to
cause sometime I get it for free

Sally is a real lady
her persona is very high class
she's a big city business woman
a very clever lass
late at night every once in awhile
she wants to let her hair down
so she'll get some wine and call me up
then invites me to stop around
I love to watch her open up
she's so pleasant when out of her shell
every one thinks she's so damn straight
but I know her very well

Then there is Amanda
her hair's as blond as can be
it's even blond down around
that special place where she pees
she likes it when I tie her up
and smack her on her ass
the lady is very beautiful
and she has a lot of class
she always wear stockings and garters
and spiked heels just for me
Amanda is another friend of mine
that makes me very happy

Of course there is my favorite
her name I can not speak
cause if I do when she reads this
I won't be allowed there for a week
I really do like to go there
she treats me like a King
when ever I do think about her
my sad broken heart will sing
about the days and nights we spent
tangled up in a lovers knot
I can't tell you why I won't say her name
but it's not that I have forgot

Most nights I dream of another
who lives so far away
one I used to call my own
but that was all yesterday
I still recall the way that she
would moan and call out my name
the memory of the one I dream about
is driving me insane
it keeps me from my bed at night
it's no wonder I never sleep
when memories of the one I miss
into my dreams still creep
©2001 Jim Nasium

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