Going Around In Circles
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

passengers complained as our brightly painted bus
moved slowly down one lane dirt roads
that seemed to be paved with pot holes
the trip will take much longer than planned
the reed boat to Bolivia will leave in twelve hours
no one knows for sure if we'll make it now
we all know the driver had a few too many
at the last road side cafe when we needed to refuel

surrounded by chickens, pigs, goats and dogs
Indian mothers nursing their young ones
old dirty men asleep, dreaming of youth
sitting straight up in their wooden bus seats
hours pass and at last I drift off
I wake to the smell of sacred water
dim yellow lights point the way
the reed boats are still waiting for us

we sailed east across lake titicaca
under the full Andean moon light
the golden reed boat bobbed in the water
supporting our weight and that of our supplies
slowly taking us closer to nowhere
a place we have always wanted to go
the darkness will not allow us to see
the stars and the moon are our only guide

dark water sounds echo off distant mountains
peaks we have crossed to get here
behind us are miles and days gone forever
lost at times heading south slowly but surely
killing ourselves just a little more each day
the local people don't seem to mind
we are very high in the Andes

going round in circles on velvet water
the compass lost or traded for things needed
the captain throws up his hands and frowns
the sun will rise soon and light the way for us
no one receives the signal we are sending
the battery has been left to drain
going around in circles is not such a bad thing
when there is nothing else you can do
©2001 Jim Nasium
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Lake Titicaca

Considered the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 ft, Lake Titicaca forms a natural boundary between Bolivia and Peru and is truly gigantic: 233 km long and 97 km wide.

The inhabitants of its shores are mostly Aymara and Quchua Indians, descendant of both the ancient Aymara and younger Inca civilizations.

Cocacabana is a tiny resort town on the shores of the lake important for the shrine dedicated to the Indian Virgin "La Virgen Morena". A three day festival is held here in August in her honor.

Today's tourists will find numerous ways to get to the lake, as well as to the Isles of the Sun and Moon, two of its biggest islands. Isla del Sol has cystalline lagunas, white sandy beaches and cliffs, while Isla de la Luna has the ruins of a temple built in honor of "Mother Moon. "

Further more, according to legend, the city of Wanaku was in the water, and its ruins are said to be visible from the Lake's surface

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