Writing And Drawing About It
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

You sit inside for hours
you don't mind being alone
you locked up all the doors
and turned off the telephone
you want to be alone so that
your muse will come back to you
she is a very clever girl
she always has some thing new to do

At last the feeling takes over
a fire is burning out of control
inspiration seems to come to you
from some where deep in your soul
your fingers start to hit the keys
and words begin to make some sense
your muse is sitting crossed leg on the floor
burning her favorite incense

A poem takes form before your eyes
and inspires you to draw
a surreal sort of image
of a place you once saw
perhaps the art tells the story
better than any of the words
perhaps you are alone too much
and crazier than the birds

You sit and draw for hours
26 new images or so
you create a new folder on your hard drive
the new art needs some place to go
then you make a new web page
put the art and poem on line
before you know it day is done
your muse loves to steal all your time

There are so many other things
that you need to do
but nothing makes you feel better than creating
and that my friend is very true
time goes by so quickly
when silently you sit
doing nothing but dreaming up stories
then writing and drawing about it
©2001 Jim Nasium

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