The Old Broken Man
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

He'd been living in the fast lane
a high roller who always got in his way
he had a lot of power
people were paid to do what he'd say
but just like every one of us
who thought we were the best
one day he just ran out of luck
it was time for him to take a rest

He had grown very tired
of the fast pace of his life
he had to work all through the night
and he missed his beautiful wife
he missed playing with his children
because during the day he had to sleep
he feared what could happen to them
in his business there are a lot of creeps

He met some new people cross town
they wanted to do a big deal
he thought that this was his big chance
do you know how that made him feel
he went ahead and set things up
he looked forward to his share
but when he went to the drop off point
the DEA was waiting there

He tried to escape but they shot at him
what could he do but shoot back
his partner took two in the head
so he grabbed the money sack
then ran for all he was worth
till he was stopped by one in the knee
as he lay there on the ground
cops were all he could see

He was set up and then busted
given 20 years to life
he left behind two young kids
a home and a lovely wife
all for the thrill of the fast lane
and to make some easy cash
to act like some kind'a gangster
and accumulate a big stash

He'd been gone for too long now
you could say he was institutionalized
when he came home that first day
to me it was no surprise
that he didn't know how to act
what to say or what to do
he's 61 years old now
went to prison when he was 32

He's lost in a world that has changed so much
since he was a part of it all
he has no idea what's going on
he couldn't believe what he heard and saw
the cars, the trains, and the motor ways
every thing was so different
he is an old broken man now
and all his money is spent
©2001 Jim Nasium

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