Poetry by Jim Nasium

Cartagena: The Fortress Of San Felipe

Fortress walls built with brick
laid by hand some four foot thick
a fortress built by Spanish pride
a giant structure on this countries side
sitting on the shore near the beach
a safe place where none could reach
tons of gold waiting to be melted down
the largest strong hold all around

San Felipe is built deep into the ground
with tunnels where you can hear the sound
of a quiet whisper a mile away
the Spanish built the tunnels this way
so that watchmen could warn the masses
when they saw a pirate ship through their spy glasses
coming into shore at night to fight
the Spanish protected their fortune right

they took what they needed from all around
killed and looted and burnt the ground
that the Inca people once held sacred
what ever they wanted, they would just take it
they raped and killed and took the gold
back to San Felipe their strong hold
and fashioned many a piece of eight
to ship back to the king before it's too late

I stand here on this fortress wall
I look around and below at all
the people walking by who don't know
what went on here so long ago
and deep inside I can understand
what the Spanish once had planned
I search the walls to get a clue
and hope that I'll find a little gold too

©2001 Jim Nasium

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©2004 Jim Nasium

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