Poetry by Jim Nasium

Cartagena: The Hotel Bella Vista

This place so rich in history
offers so much to the adventurer
there is never enough time
to do all that has to be done
arrangements take forever
in this land that time forgot
no one here is in a hurry
there is nothing that can't wait until tomorrow

there's always a sea breeze in this city
that surrounds the old walled town
that to this day stands in all it's glory
built by the same Spanish hands
who built the fortress of San Felipe
a little over 400 years ago
sitting on the shore still as a reminder
of a day when gold was god

Cartagena sits on a peninsula
not too large that you'd get lost
there's a marina there, the hot spot
the people are all very friendly
a safe place to drop anchor for wonderers
longing to set their feet on land
to spend long nights in corner cafes
drinking, eating, and paying for attention

Trouble seems to be in the air
for strangers who drink too much
making demands on local faces
for things that are best not talked about
many transportation terminals
will allow escape at any time
if for some reason you're forced
to leave this place right away

I keep to myself here
there is nothing that I need
all I could want I have with me
no one needs any more than that
not knowing exactly who is who
it's best to walk as if on thin ice
the questions all go unanswered
but it is for the best

during mid-day siesta
I sit in the wooden chair
across from the white beach
in front of Hotel Bella Vista
just outside of the old walled city
deep in the core of Cartagena
where my time goes by slowly
and no one knows my name

behind me in the hotel courtyard
surrounded by little cabins
rented to hippies by the night
there are many people having a party
most here have no respect for customs
to them there is no time for siesta
they do not want to slow down
I am thankful for the time to rest

The Hotel Bella Vista in Cartagena
a place where English is spoken
at one time so many years ago
was the only place to be
the sweet memory of the days
and wild nights spent in that place
will live on in my heart
dear to me and never forgotten

©2001 Jim Nasium

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©2004 Jim Nasium

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