The Beauty Business
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

a young lady called me on the phone
it was just the other day
she wanted to know if I had anything
to take her scars away
she said her legs looked a mess
she kept falling off of her bike
I told her to throw the bike away
and next time to take a hike

a lady said I want to have
the same kind of skin like you
she was a bit older than me
I remained polite, I didn't know what to do
I told her life goes its own way
not everyone can look good
then I sold her everything she wanted
exactly like I should

after all I am in business
I work 18 hours a day
things have been very hectic
since my office boy went away
sometimes it's all to much for me
but I always find the time to be polite
when ever old ladies want my help
because they look a fright

I am in the beauty business
glamour is my game
every where I go now'a days
people all know my name
I sell the best beauty products
and offer some support
I'm always fair and polite
I try to be a good sport
©2001 Jim Nasium
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