The Breaded Deep Fried Chicken Head Story
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The other day me and a friend
wanted something fast to eat
so we went to the Deep Fried Chicken place
then took a nice window seat
we ordered the large family size
with all the trimmings and some bread
but when we opened the box and started to eat
inside we found a deep fried chicken head

I knew you wouldn't belive it if you didn't see it with your own eyes

My friend held the deep fried chicken head
firmly in her right hand
she sat and just looked at it
she just couldn't understand
how a whole chicken head could get past
the inspectors in the KFC plant
we took the head to the manager
then she started to scream and rant

The manager took the chicken head
wrapped it in plastic and put it in a box
he took out his big ring of keys
and started unlocking heavy duty door locks
on the door that lead to his secret office
way in the back of the place
when he opened up the door
I couldn't believe the look on his face

The manager had a smile
that was as evil as it could be
I knew that this deep fried chicken head
was not the first one that he would see
he walked into the dark back room
reached deep into a money sack
put the little box up on a shelf
and gave us our money back

The room was filled metal shelves
on each and every wall
rows of shelves ran down the middle
of the room that were pretty tall
each shelf had many boxes on it
and they all looked just like mine
I was afraid to look in any one of them
for fear of what I might find

Once my friend and I took our money
we were told to leave as fast as we can
we both agreed and decided right there
that we would never come back here again
we planned to tell everyone we knew
about what we had just saw
selling breaded deep fried chicken heads
has got to be against the law
©2001 Jim Nasium

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