Poetry & Art by Jim Nasium

Boxes, Boxes And More Boxes

It's funny how time passes by
before we know it a week is gone
one moment you're watching a sunset
then before you know it, it's dawn
I don't know much about you
but as I go through my day
I'm always collectecting this or that
and I hide it safely away

I store my things in boxes
have now for so many years
and as I sit and look through them
my eyes will fill with tears
the memories that my boxes hold
at last can now be shared
I go through my boxes with my son
he's the only one who ever seemed to care

I tell him about this and that
he asks when where how and why
it's hard for me to hold back the tears
so many memories make me want to cry
I can see youth in his eyes
as he sits there and looks at me
I know he wants to go away
on an adventure far away with me

he said we could pack some boxes
to take with us when we go
he has no idea of the danger
how could he ever know
for now I tell him lets sit here
we can go through a box or two
and if you'll sit still and listen
I have a few stories for you

The Next "Boxes" Poem

you fall in and out of love affairs
move into new apartments each time ya do
every move that you're forced to make
takes a little more out of you

the years go by many loves are lost
then one day you find your self all alone
sitting in a new apartment somewhere
with a few boxes, no TV or phone

your life's been reduce to a few boxes
of stuff you that you call dear
do dads ya picked up along the way
all a little worn from wear

sad but true you realize
a little to late one day
your life's been reduced to a few boxes
that follow you along your way

The Next "Boxes" Poem

I sit and look through my boxes
they are full of things from my past
and now that I am much older
time seems to go by so fast
I haven't time to do the things
that I once liked to do
now I spend my time right here
going through my old boxes with you...

you say you want to go away
you want to see some far away lands
but things are so much differnt no
I don't think you understand
I was there when things were cool
way back in the nineteen seventys
but maybe some day lets hope and pray
you can go on an adventure with me

we can fill up new boxes
with memories that'll be our own
some day when were with our son
and all your wild seeds have been sown
you can go through these boxes
and tell your story to our son
it may not be right now for you
but one day this kind'a thing will be fun

The Next "Boxes" Poem

yes, there are more boxes
I've so many of them to go through
inside of each of my boxes
are stories I'd like to tell you

I want you to see the do dads
that I collected along the way
so sit down and open up a box
lets have some fun together today

what's that, oh that's from Jamaica
some lady gave it to me
I think it was when I was living there
the second time back in 73

and that, well that's a funny thing
I just got to tell you how
I came upon owning that
but I haven't time right now

and that's a piece of pottery
I dug right out of the ground
when I snuck into an archeological site
when no one else was around

I think it's pretty valuable
it's a pre Colombian piece of art
and sitting here showing it to you
has certainly warmed my heart...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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