Poetry And Art by Jim Nasium


My life is now in boxes
things I gathered along my way
It's down to nothing more than this
I haven't much more to say...
but one pictures worth one thousand words
at least that's what they'll tell you
here's a picture of me at home
to explain what I'm going through

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You fall in and out of love affairs
move into new apartments each time ya do
every move that you're forced to make
takes a little more out of you
the years go by many loves are lost
then one day you find your self all alone
sitting in a new apartment
with a few boxes, no TV or phone

your life's been reduce to a few boxes
of stuff you that you call dear
do dads ya picked up along the way
all a little worn from wear
sad but true you realize
a little to late one day
your life's been reduced to boxes
that follow you along your way
©2001 Jim Nasium

Please take time to sign my guest book and visit my pricelist page

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