Poetry by Jim Nasium

Two Poems About You

A Lover, But Never A Friend
the first of two poem on thispage

It's bad enough in the day time
sitting here thinking about you
wishing we were still together
not knowing what to do

When night comes the pain increase
I'm alone while you're with another guy
I don't understand how this this happen
actually I have no idea why

The hours go by so slowly
I try to stay busy and not think of you
it's been months since I've seen you last
and I still can't believe we're through

It's bad enough in the day time
but the nights are even worse
I guess I'm better off with out you
but this loneliness is like a curse

You told me that you loved me
that you'd stay until the end
I know now that you lied to me
you were a lover, but never a friend...


Writing About You Again
another poem about the same person

Words spoken with no true meaning
lies that eat at me to this day
I should have known better
should'a known it'd end this way
something told me not to trust you
that you were using me from the start
now that you've left me for another
you don't realize you still got my heart

They say time heals all wounds
but I don't think that's true
it's been a few months so far
and I still sit and think about you
I wonder what you're doing
wonder where you are
I sit awake all night long
wishing on a star

Sooner or later I'll get over you
but how could I ever love again
I seriously doubt that I could
trust another that claims to be my friend
lovers are a dime a dozen
but I thought you were also my friend
see what I mean it's out of control
I'm sitting here writing about you again...
©2003 Jim Nasium

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