Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Deal Of A Lifetime: Money From The Mob

If you request a free no obligation consultation
we will send some one around
start a free merchant account for you
in a bank right there in your town
we'll do all the leg work for your business
we won't charge any set up fees
just pay us back on time
or we'll break both'a your knees

No application fees apply at all
and all credit cards are accepted too
our retail rates as low as 4.95%
but we'll work something out just for you
set up your account within 48 Hours
and there'll be no cancellation fees
remember you need no money down
and remember what we said about your knees

There are no reprogramming option fees
we offer 24 hour technical support
so come on why not take a chance
why not be a good sport
we have 24 hour customer service
we'll beat any one's deal guaranteed
get up and running with nothing out'a your pocket
but remember to pay us or we will make you bleed

We'll make it easy and affordable
for you to start accepting payments today
come on now make up your mind
tell us, what'a ya say
did you know that 99%
of our applicants are approved over seas
just remember to always pay us on time
or we will break both'a your knees...
©2003 Jim Nasium

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