Poetry by Jim Nasium

A Strange Encounter

Years ago while sitting on Sua beach
one night, just about twilight
I heard a strange sound up in the sky
then saw a very bright light
I felt a voice speak to me
you have nothing to fear
I felt a hand on my back
but could see no one there

I felt my self floating
consumed by a beam of light
I had no idea where I was going
yet felt perfectly alright
next thing I knew I found myself
standing in a rather large room
surrounded by strange looking beings
that remained as silent as a tomb

I asked them what they wanted
why did they decided to pick on me
not one of them said anything
they were quiet, and still as could be
I begged them to talk to me
tell me why they brought me here
just then I felt something touch me
and it all came perfectly clear

We talked to each other for hours
yet not one word was spoken
we seemed to developed a trust
that we promised would never be broken
they showed me things you'd not believe
I made them laugh they said
even though it was may years ago
it's still all very clear in my head

Next thing I knew I woke up
I was laying on the beach
the space craft I had been in
was floating above me just out of reach
then suddenly it vanished
I sat up and took a deep breath
things could have gone down differently
and I could have met my death...
©2003 Jim Nasium

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