Poetry by Jim Nasium

They say one picture is worth 1000 words, I think that's the main reason I like to show some of my art with a poem I wrote
I hope you enjoy this new poem I call

Lucky To Be Alive

hot, like summer all the time
damp, like the rains of spring
fog, in the air every where
still you hear a song bird sing
the joys of being in the jungle
a place only the strong survive
let me tell you a little story
why I am thankful to be alive

wandering around aimlessly
completely blown out'a my mind
I stumbled into a camp site
one I wasn't supposed to find
the men who lived there carried guns
they were not very friendly at all
they couldn't believe I had found them
I couldn't believe what I saw

a lab was set up in the center
of some buildings made of wood
I was ordered to go into the big one
I wasn't sure if I should
I laid my gun and machete down
put my supplies right next to my hat
took my shirt and poncho off
they didn't know what to think about that

I sat down in a wooden chair
some guy watching satellite TV
asked what I was doing here
and offered refreshments to me
I drank and ate and snorted
we talked long into the night
he was very glad I was innocent
and wasn't there looking for a fight

dawn found me not wanting to leave
so I offered my services for awhile
I told him I had many outlets
and that made my new friend smile
we discusses things like bank accounts
numbers that stay safe in my head
he told me I was very lucky
his men didn't shoot me dead

the days went by and time had come
for me to be on my way
but I never will forget that place
or the friends I made that day
way back in the seventies
when everything was cool
and if you think this poem is true
then one of us must be a fool

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lost way out in the jungle
stumbled into the wrong crowd
no one talks here much at all
well at not least very loud
they wanted to know who I was
just what I was doing there
but how could I answer their questions
I really didn't care...

I was hungry, thirsty and tired
I wanted to take a break
I liked what I sae around me
so to prove I wasn't a fake
I satyed and partied all that night
and for the next three days
i sort'a started to like it
but knew I had to change my ways
©2001 Jim Nasium

Please take time to sign my guest book and visit my pricelist page

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