The Balloon Ride
Photo And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I was floating high and silently
around dusk and the sky was clear
just letting the wind take me
I didn't want to come down from there
the air was cool and smelled so fresh
I'm amazed at how far I could see
taking a hot air balloon ride last night
was a great experience for me
©2001 Jim Nasium
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Last night at just about sunset
I got high as high could be
I was up in a hot air balloon
totally amazed at all I could see
the cars below looked just like ants
the farm fields looked like little squares
the sunset was the best I ever saw
for awhile I forgot all my cares

I hung over the side of the basket
that was held by cables from the balloon
watching sunsets colors in the sky
I knew night would fall real soon
the air up there was cool and fresh
I didn't want to go down
I watched the lights come on slowly
below me in the small town

We floated with the wind for awhile
then we started going the wrong way
the pilot started to lowered us
but I begged him to let us stay
up in the sky a little longer
I was having such a good time
I've never done anything like this before
so I had to write about it in rhyme

I'll admit I was a bit disappointed
that we landed in some corn field
behind the barn of some Amish farm
where many a soul has been healed
we traveled back to our starting point
inside of some guys van
I had no idea it wasn't a round trip
no one ever explained the flight plan

I can't wait to fly in a balloon again
I think I just got hooked
perhaps I'll buy a balloon of my own
by the way today I went and looked
at a few smaller balloon packages
I liked one for 65 K
I gott'a think about this first
but I'd like to buy it right away

If you ever get a chance to hot air balloon
please jump on the opportunity
you have no idea how peaceful it is
it's amazing all you can see
be sure to say your prayers
before you do go up
because if anything goes wrong
your helpless and out of luck

©2001 Jim Nasium

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