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Everything In His Life Went Wrong

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The Oceans Shore

After All He Was My Friend

After All He Is My Friend #2

Only Happy When I Am Sad

Our Very First Date

The poem I wrote for the picture you see here

what do they expect from me

To Let Her Play With My Heart

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do

The hardest thing I've ever had to do
is look at our son and not think about you
although he looks a whole lot like me
there are still some things that I can see
that are his features but your features too
and there are little things that'll he do
I think you'll agree he's a lot like me
but every now and then I'll see
something deep in our sons eyes
it makes me want to break down and cry
the hardest thing I've ever had to do
is look at our son, and try not to think about you

The hardest thing I've ever had to do
is sit alone at night till half past two
to call you when it's your free time of day
because you live 3000 miles away
and there is 3 hours of time zones between
it's all too much do you know what I mean
then just when I think everything is ok
another new problem pops up every day
I don't know who else I can turn to
I call for advice just to talk to you
the hardest thing I've ever had to do
is live with my son and not think about you
©2001 Jim Nasium

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To Let Her Play With My

The young lady was very beautiful
but under-dressed for this place
I knew that she wanted to meet me
the moment I first saw her face
she made her way across the room
through the well dressed smoky crowd
she looked me deep in the eye
then screamed my name out loud

I asked her what the matter could be

she just broke down and cried
she said she always wanted to meet me
but felt that I was trying to hide
from her at other events like this
the opening of my new art show
I told her that I was very sorry
then asked if there was someplace we could go

She took my hand lead me through the door
then she told her driver to get the car
she said we could go to her summer house
on the beach that it's not too far
I told her I had a show to do
she said she'd buy everything
then pulled down my zipper and gave me head
this lady made me feel just like a king

We pulled into the round about
made of brick in front of her home
she told the driver to park the car
then to leave she wanted to be alone
we went inside to a black glass sunroom
where there was an indoor pool
had some drinks and swam naked for awhile
then she starting treating me like a fool
When ever I tired to touch her
she'd quickly pull away
when I tried to start conversation
she didn't have too much to say
she sat there in the whirlpool
sipping at her strong drink
I had no idea what was on her mind
I didn't know the way she thinks
I gave my luck one more try
I told her that I thought
it was very generous of her
I wanted to thank her for the art she bought
I think she knew what I wanted
I'm sure she wanted it too
then she put her drink down
said let me explain the rules to you

She told me the things to do to her
I wasn't allowed my own way
were going to do this by my rules she said
that is if you still want to play
when I considered how beautiful she was
and the fact she just bought all my art
I figured what the heck it'd be ok
to let her play with my heart
©2001 Jim Nasium

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After All He Is My Friend #2

They found him near a dumpster
dead with a spike in his arm
he was the only person
who ever did any harm
to him he was his worst enemy
his addiction took it's toll
I sit here now and I'm praying
for him and for his soul

They found him dead this morning
dried blood on his left arm
he had a smile on his face
no need to be alarmed
he's happy now I'm sure of that
he's free of all his pain
but overdosing to escape
to me is just plain insane

They found him dead this morning
I feel sorry for all his friends
his X wife and their 15 year old son
who will never see him again
he tried his best I know that's true
I watched him grown strong and very happy
but when she left it destroyed him so he over dosed to be free

They found him dead this morning
he'd been sober for too long
he knew the "next time" would be his last
the hot shot he did was too strong
now he's dead and gone forever
but I wonder if he knows
he is still going to be with him self
and his problems no matter where he goes
©2001 Jim Nasium

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My Newest Friend

I bought myself a new friend
she's as pretty as can be
she's all that a man could want
she's always there waiting for me
I can dress her up any way at all
she looks good no matter what
she has three holes I can use
she can take all that I got

She don't care if I bend her in half
she'll take it up the ass
my new blow up girl friend
sure has a lot of class
she always keeps her mouth shut
she'll do what ever I want her to
I think that I'm in love
with my blow up doll it's true

She's may be made of vinyl
her hair comes from a horse
but she's always waiting for me
and that's important of course
I won't miss having a conversation
cause my doll even has a pull string
she can say ten different things
that make me feel like a king

She floats out in my new pool
she sits in the dinning room chair
she'll go with me any place
she never seems to care
if I deflate and fold her up
then tuck her away
she knows that I'll blow her up again
come the end of the day
©2001 Jim Nasium

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Everything In His Life Went Wrong

He was only eighteen years old
when he was jailed for a petty crime
thrown into a pit with full grown men
the lowest type of slime
he had no idea what would happen
after all he was just a boy
but it didn't take long at all
for him to be treated as a toy

The first man to approach him
was very gentle and kind
the fact that this man wanted him so
drove the young boy out of his mind
he was a very young boy
no hair on his face or ass
I guess if you were so inclined
you could call him a beautiful lass

The next time he was confronted
in the back of the kitchen one night
three men grabbed him and beat him up
he didn't have a chance to fight
they took what they wanted from him
and left him lying on the floor
then one'a the men took him again
he wanted just a little more

The guard found him raped and bleeding
tied up and covered with shit
they took him to the hospitable
but he never got over it
he never spoke one word at all
just lay there quiet all the time
some of the nurses in the jail hospital
though he had lost his mind

The day that he went back to his cell block
he knew he didn't have one friend
as he was waking down the hall
some one said "it's gonna happen again"
late that night by candle light
he tore his sheets into strips and made rope
hung him self from the ceiling light
he was lost and could see no hope

Another young man passes away
serving time he didn't deserve to do
for something like selling crack cocaine
to folks who like to do
the things that will get you in prison
a place where he didn't belong
after he was raped he killed himself
everything in his life went wrong
©2001 Jim Nasium

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After All He Was My Friend

Some said he wasn't worth the time of day
others called him a junkie, and a fool
there were a few of us who knew him well
we all know why he was like he was

His childhood wasn't the happiest
living with drunken abusive parents
who didn't work or want him
in a small house on the poor side of town

The addiction he developed wasn't a surprise
I feared he'd end up like he has
I tried to help him but you can only
take a horse to water, you can't make it drink

He was really a good man deep down inside
his heart was full of love and caring
I knew him when he was happy with his life
before he tried his luck at love, and loving

No one worked as hard as he did
to make things turn out for the best
he gave till there was nothing left to give
no one understood that he was drained

I tired to tell him what to do
my suggestion went over his head
he was to proud to drop to his knees
to ask for forgiveness and help from God

She came into his life at the right time, I thought
she taught him about Jesus, and His salvation
they prayed together for his soul and they found love
the years they lived together were his happiest

The love that he found in God, and her
gave him the strength that he needed
he was productive, responsible and sober
I had never seen him look better

The reward he earned was a son
he loved that child more than he loved himself
he was never prouder of anything
finally I thought he's be ok for the rest of his life

Fate plays cruel tricks on us all
no one knew she had been cheating on him
the whole life he tried hard to make his own
was based on a lie, and it failed

The day she took their child and left
was the day he stared falling apart
he withdrew and hid away inside his house
there was no life where once a fire burnt bright

Wanting all the things he could never have
having all the things he never wanted
he's was hurt once too many times
left alone in dark rooms to grow old, and bitter

Thinking he would be better off alone
he wanted only what fate gave him to deal with
never searched for more than what he was left with
knowing all the while that it was hopeless to try again

Once he'd give freely to others in a thankless world
he tried to love where love could not thrive
he was misunderstood most of the time
stressed out more than a man should be

There has always been a fast way out for him
but he feared going back to the pit of the past
he had worked so hard to climb out of it
now he feels that it's easier to just not care

Sadness can help us to make the wrong decisions
loneliness plays a part in the wrong choice too
I'm sure he did what he did because he saw his life as hopeless
he had one too many days spent alone with a broken heart

I didn't think that he was serious when he told me his plan
I thought he was kidding around when he said
"time runs out for the best of us
sooner or later every star burns out and fades away"

His life ended by his own hand last night
he just didn't want any of the other choices
he took the easy way out of his pain
relief was just one shot away for him

He was found dead this morning in an alley
bent over with a spike in his arm next to a dumpster
a small dried trail of blood on his left arm
a big smile on his face

I guess he is happier now
finally he's where he wants to be
I for one will miss him
after all he was my friend
©2001 Jim Nasium

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Our Very First Date

WARNING: Sexual Content

On our first date
I was a little late
when we finally met
you weren't upset
we got something to eat
you said my suit was neat
we drank a little wine
we were both feeling fine
I asked you back to the motel
you said yes that'd be swell
we got into my room
facing certain doom
I kissed you and you melted
you wanted me and I felt it
we tore off each others pants
fuck foreplay and romance
I threw you down on the bed
you begged to give me head
my cock grew large and strong
it was inside of you before too long
I went from hole to hole
fucking you right to your soul
your legs pinned behind your ears
you wanted this to last for years
then after an hour or two
when all my work was through
you were laying on the bed
thinking about all that I said
shaking like a fish out of water
wanting to call and tell your daughter
that sex with me was fun
in a puddle of sweat and cum
tangled up in a lovers knot
sharing everything that we got
our first date was really great
lets do it again and not hesitate
©2000 Jim Nasium

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The poem I wrote for the picture you see here

I stand out when in a crowd

It's not because I'm bigger than them
even though they are very small
it's just because I am lucky
I've done everything to not fall
back into the pit their in
it's no place at all for me
even though once I thought it was
now I am completely free
I stand tall and I'm very proud
when ever I'm out in a crowd
I can't hear a word they say
even though they're talking loud
©2000 Jim Nasium

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what do they expect from me

Is it better to give than receive
that's what I want to know
cause if it is I'm doing well
each and every place I go
people all want something from me
so I give a helping hand
they mistake my kindness for weakness
it's time they understand

Is it better to give than receive
it'd be nice to get some thing back
once in awhile anyhow
besides the spiritual rewards in fact
I gave because it made me feel good
until just the other day
everyone forgot all about me
a special day slipped away

Is it better to give than receive
I used to think so
but the way things have been going for me
I really just don't know
it's nice to get that feeling
giving can set you free
but it'd be nice to hear thank you sometimes
what do they expect from me
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Only Happy When I Am Sad

Now my day is over
it's too hot to be outside
ok I admit that I can't take it
after all I still got my pride
because I can take a day off
any time that I want too
but now that my day is over
I haven't a thing to do

Now my day is over
I've nothing at all too do
my son is off with his uncle
and cousin who went to the zoo
my mothers gone to a friends
I'm sitting here all alone
it's quiet and I'm waiting
for my heart to come back home

Now my day is over
I sit alone quietly and think
I draw a bit and maybe write
but all my new work stinks
I lost that burning desire
that love of life I once had
it's been so long that I've felt like this
I'm only happy when I am sad
©2001 Jim Nasium

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The Oceans Shore

I love to go to the oceans shore
I never know what's in store
there's always something new to do
perhaps one day I can take you
we'll sit on the shore passing time away
we can talk or just relax all day
to the sound of the ocean hitting the rock
the boats creaking tied up to the dock
fishermen selling the catch of the day
tourist walking by have so much to say
the sea gulls sing a sailors song
sweet and to the point, yet not too long
the day will end with a red sunset sky
and you and I will both know why
I love to go to the oceans shore
and plan to go back there some more
©2001 Jim Nasium

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My Son's New Bike

It's been a real long time since I
have gone shopping for a bike
after walking around in the mall today
I feel like I've been on a mountain hike
we hit the two upper levels
then we searched most of the ground floor
we didn't see what my son had in mind
till we got pretty close to the door

Finally on our way outside the mall
to the comfort of my car in the lot
my son saw the bike he wanted
so that's the bike that he got
it had everything he talked about
he said it was good for doing tricks
he didn't want pads or a helmet
to help when he takes his licks

We took the bike home carefully
in the truck of my new car
we went out back to assemble it
but we didn't get too far
all the other kids on the street
started hanging out to see what I'd do
or if I could even put it together
some of them started bugging me too

Come on old man get out of the way
was the statement that pissed me off
when I stood up to scream at the kid
I got dizzy and started to cough
I took a long look at my son
and asked him if it'd be ok
to let him and the kids work on the bike
he said yes, cause you're only in the way

I went inside for some cold water
I needed to take a little rest
I try to be a good father
I'm giving it my best
then I heard my son in the basement
say it didn't hurt when I took that fall
when I went out side to see what he did
I couldn't believe what I saw

He went and cut the chrome handle bars
to make them shorter on his new bike
then used a can of spray paint
to make it a color that he liked
he took off the bikes stock sprocket
added one that's bigger and thicker too
he took all the brakes off his bike
just an hour ago it was new

I asked him why he did what he did
he said "yo dad don't it look cool"
all the other kids standing there
said "yes dude your bike rules"
I didn't know what to say to him
I had no idea what I was supposed to do
an hour ago the bike was new in the box
I was in shock I'm telling you

My son asked me to take a good look
at the bikes that the other kids had
he pointed out that they all were the same
he didn't understand why I was so sad
I just spent five hundred dollars
to get my son the bike of his dream
in less than one hour he butchered it
being a father can make a guy scream
©2000 Jim Nasium

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