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El Dorado is the Airport
then a short ride into town
people from so many cultures
every where all around
some man in a business suit
a woman in her summer dress
some Indians in their traditional garb
it all pretty strange I confess

The busy four lane highways
tall buildings and the park
seventh avenue red light district
a lot of fun after dark
venders set up on the sidewalk
they sell anything you want or need
be careful not to take their first price
they're only in it to satisfy their greed

Mornings warm with colored dawn skies
dew on back streets bad side'a town
it's as if the city never stops
there's always someone around
gather everything you want or need
early because by mid day
the sun goes in and gets cold
dark clouds roll in to stay

The great Museum Del Oro
a small old colonel shop
the market places on corners
where most gringos never stop
the chapels and courtyards
the bars and after hour cafes
Bogotá is a wonderful place
you can get lost there for days

Afternoons waiting for rain to stop failing
turn into nights spent with whores and wine
inside hotels that are safe as can be
anything you want to do is just fine
slowly learning a few words of Spanish
days go by and you want to rest
but there's so much to do in Bogotá
and ya want it all and you want the best

Busy streets and highways
narrow stone back roads
poor hard working people
bare foot carrying heavy loads
bright lights and fancy places
narrow alleys that bring a thrill
I long to return to Bogotá
but it looks like I never will
©2001 Jim Nasium
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