Here Are Three Poems I wrote on 08/25/00

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Three Poems by Jim Nasium

It's Enough To Make Me Scream

I came home from work today
just as tired as I could be
so I thought that I'd lay down
and watch a movie on TV
I guess I drifted off to sleep
and then I started to dream
and what I am about to tell you
is enough to make me scream

The room was dark, the air was still
she walked in from out of no place
I knew right away who she was
I could recognize her face
she took off her summer dress
and kicked aside her shoes
she got into the bed with me
and she took away my blues

She is so very beautiful
an actress or so I'm told
and she knows just what she wants
she is so very bold
she dabbles a bit in trading
and she handles rare perfume
I still can't believe that it was her
who walked into my room

We hugged and kissed and did the things
that lovers will do
she stayed with me for a few hours
then about half past two
she released me from her lovers grip
and put back on her clothes
I liked watching her as she fastened her garter
to her jet black hose

She said that she had to go away
and that she couldn't come back
and if I thought she was kidding
I should understand it all to be fact
she had some magic man she knew
teleport her into my dream
now I know I'll never see her again
and it's enough to make me scream
©2000 Jim Nasium

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It's Good To Be With Her

Why aren't you writing poetry anymore
is what she asked me
that night I stood by the door
as she looked for the hotel room key
I told her that I sent my muse
on vacation for a week and a day
and that I couldn't write poetry at all
as long as my muse was away
she turned the key inside the lock
and we walked into the room
as soon as she turned on the light
I knew that this was my doom
I told her I had waited
forever for this night
and if she'd only give me a chance
I would always treat her right
she took me by my arm and she
lead me to the bed
by the time she got done with me
I thought that I was dead
she did all the things we talked about
when we would talk on the phone
it is as if a dream came true
it's so good to be with her all alone...
©2000 Jim Nasium

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I Waited For Years...

I waited for years for her to come
to spend some time with me
I thought that she was the one
but the joke was on me
once she finally came to see me
all she would say was no
in fact she drove me out of my mind
I couldn't wait for her to go

I waited for years for her to come
to see me and spend some time
I though that she might be the one
but what happened was a crime
she refused my every attempt at
making love with her late at night
our whole time together was a nightmare
and nothing turned out right

I waited for years for her to come
to spend some time with me
but once she got to my house
all she wanted to do was watch TV
and sit and smoke her cigarettes
she didn't want to go outside
this wasn't the woman I thought she was
I found out to late that she had lied

I waited for years for her to come
and it seems I am waiting still
I sit and look out my window
leaning on the window sill
I see that every has a mate
I wonder why don't I
I guess I'll be waiting forever
until the day I die

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©2000 Jim Nasium
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