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The Train

Between the clang clang clang
of the wheels on the rails
I over heard the little girl
with too much wind in her sails
tell her mommy all about her dream
"i was good mommy, i didn't scream
i thought it was gonna get me
or so it seemed
the monster was about 77 feet tall
and had a big red head, it look like a ball
and it's tail was 22 feet long
it had two million and 7 teeth
and it sang a song
of , come here little girl...
I'll tell you a story
the dream was real scarry and it was all gorey
but i was a good girl mommy "
I overheard her say
as her mother just looked away
out the window at the passing scenes
i wonder, i thought,to my self
what the little girls dream means
the mother seemed to have no time,
for her daughter, it was a crime

1995 Jim Nasium

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