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just so ya know for sure...
These poem are about you Joanne...

We had both know love before . . .
just never like this
I 'll never forget the night
We both got our wish

And when i saw him
His little face pop out of her
The tears of joy ran from my eyes
Everything was a blur

The doctor gave him to me
He let me cut the cord
I took him to his Mothers side
Where he lay, now rest asured

That YES our son
Your life has begune
With your mommy and your daddy near
But 12years later now, my boy
I am afraid to say
Things are not still the say way, I fear

I should have known it would never last
even though her kiss, was made for me . . .
and her name was Joanne
her lips were made for mine
her skin was so white
a white that drove me to the limits
of my animal desire's
her hair is red . . . real red like fire
and the sun loved to play games in it
she gave me a son . . . our son
and we were gonna do this
and we were gonna do that
and now I sit here, alone . . . very still
and in my minds eye I can still see her . . .
laying on that bed in the back room of our apartment
the sunlight shinning on her . . . that white skin
I wonder if she ever thinks of me like this?
they say it is better to have loved and lost . . .
then to have never loved at all . . . is it ?
now that I know what I am missing
and I know, some other man is kissing
those lips . . . and holding her close
it drives me crazy, I've become lazy
my love for her won't end . . . never !
and her name is Joanne . . .
The Woman With Hair The Color Of Fire
1994 Jim Nasium
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