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Sooner Or Later
In Spanish Town
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My Muse
When I talk to her
The Second Time Around
A Happy Home
What About The Children
I'm Not A Cowboy
I'll Never Come Here Again
Getting Even
Tired Broke And Strung Out
The Chat Room
we spoke with our eyes
all that's left to say
The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

My Muse

She came to me from Helicon
deep in the Parnassus mountain range
while I was exploring Greece
ever since I've acted strange
I get these inspirations
most any time of the day
I have no idea why she picked me
so I just sit and write what she'll say

She came to me so long ago
that the bizarre now seems normal
she's taught me to always do my best
and not worry about writing formal
she's with me when I want to draw
she'll come again when I need to write
I wish that I could sleep with her
cause I'd be in bed with her tonight

My muse is very beautiful
at least by what I see in my mind
she's always some where close by
she is never hard to find
I think I am the lucky one
cause I know my muse is real
she sings her siren song of inspiration
she knows I like the way it'll feel

©2001 Jim Nasium

Helicon - A part of the Parnassus, a mountain range in Greece, which was the home of the Muses. The name is used as an allusion to poetic inspiration..

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Goodbye To Ruth

I never thought this would happen
I'll admit I was taken by suprise
I had no idea Ruth was like this
you can't tell by looking in her eyes
she knows how to play the game well
she'll tell you what you want to hear
then as soon as you look away
the girl will just dissappear

I gave her all she wanted
almost everything she needs
all I have are memories now
no wonder my broken heart bleeds
she sucked me dry slowly
took every thing she could
then she left late one night
I never thought she would

Sad but true ya live and learn
ya get stronger as you go
if ya learn by your own experience
then no one can say you don't know
just how evil some poeple can be
self centered and all for them self
she took everything she could
but I still have my spirital wealth

I don't know what to do now
I'm afraid to love again
how could I ever trust
she told me she was my friend
Ruth said some words in anger
when you're mad ya speak the truth
all I can think to say right now
is good bye and good luck to Ruth

©2000 Jim Nasium

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The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

Ideas float round in my head
they're with me all the time
that's where I get my ideas to draw
and words I use in rhyme
you may not be able to see them
but thust me they are there
they never sleep or let me alone
the idea faries are everywhere

A Happy Home

A short ride out to the country
to a farm selling live Christmas trees
this is the way good memories are made
for my youngest son and me
we stopped for lunch on the way home
talked about the things on his mind
like what ever happened to his mother
she used to be fair and kind

All around us are the sounds of Christmas
there are people every where
they are all carrying packages
but my son and I don't care
we've got one thing on our minds
we want to set up our xmas tree
we're going to make this the best xmas yet
for my mother, him, and me

For the first time in over then years
there will be a live Christmas tree
standing tall in my living room
decorated by my son and me
instructed by my mother
each light is in just the right place
I'm happy as can be inside
you can see it on my face

Glory to God in the highest
I know that He's in control
this it the way it is meant to be
I can feel that in my soul
I fought the fight I needed to fight
He gave me strength to see it through
now my son is living with me
my prayers were answered but what do I do

being a single parent isn't easy
it's as if you're always on call
you're needed when you're in the bathroom
your backs up against the wall
forget about having a life
your life is no longer your own
but at least we all together now
and this place is a happy home
©2001 Jim Nasium

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The Second Time Around

The second time around ain't easy
carrying the baggage from your past
you want the second time to work out
so you try to make it last
memories of the first time around
still burn fresh in your head
you find it hard to trust again
or to believe any of what was said
you doubt your new mates honestly
thinking your new mate is the same
as your first lover was
running around playing a game
it's almost impossible
to forgive and forget
but make the best of the second time around
it may be the last time that ya get
©2001 Jim Nasium

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I'm Not A Cowboy

I'm in town on a business trip
it's been first class all the way
but all this work gets a little boring
sometimes a guy just wants to play
since I've been here once before
in the early part of last year
I'm aware of a little place I can go
aything I could want is there

The taxi driver waiting for me
outside, in front of my hotel
knew exactly where I wanted to go
he said he knew the place rather well
a large farm house outside of town
that's a bar, cafe, and more
the place was worth the cover charge
you had to pay before ya got in the door

A slide guitar was playing lead
in a cheerful country tune
a banjo and fiddle played along
from the corner of the room
most folks there got up to dance
while they clapped hands to the beat
even with heavy cowboy boots on
they had no problem moving their feet

Full grown men in cowboy hats
wearing sequined covered shirts
with only one thing on their mind
they were here for the skirts
I must admit that I was too
this is the best little whore house in town
I really like these country girls
they do know how to get down

Drinking beer and cactus juice
singing along to a country song
time goes by so fast down here
soon the night is gone
a very good time is had by all
that some how end up here
I got to go back to that place
when I'm in town again next year

I'm in town on a business trip
it's been first class all the way
I met a little country girl last night
she really wants me to stay
but I am not a cow boy
I do not belong down here
the city life is my blood
let me make that very clear

I am not a cowboy
I just do what I have to do
they say when you're in Rome
you do as the Romans do
so when I'm in the country
I try to go with the flow
but I am not a cowboy
in case you didn't know
©2000 Jim Nasium

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What About The Children

Left alone to fend for her self
no job, no money, no friends
she always thought he'd return
to take care of them all again
time passed by bills mounted up
she lost the home and the car
she had no choice but to live on the street
with her children behind some bar

At the end of a dark narrow alley
in a shipping crate made of wood
covered with plastic and scrap metal
doing the very best they could
the woman with her three small children
lived a quiet humble life
no one to take care of them now
she's no longer the children's fathers wife

She works as a dish washer in the bar
part time a day or so each week
she makes a few dollars to feed her kids
her life was honest, simple and meek
the bathroom in the back of the bar
was the only bathroom they knew
she did the very best she could
what ever it took to get them through

At night while the children were sleeping
in the box that they called their house
she'd be out walking the streets
in a trench coat and nothing else
willing to do what ever it took
to make a few extra bucks
she hated what she had become
but did what she had to even though it sucks

One night while the children were sleeping
she was out looking for someone to meet
when a car came around the corner
slid on some oil in the street
the car slid and ran right over her
the driver kept going on his way
she lay there dead in the street
no one standing nearby had much to say

In the morning when the children woke up
their mother was nowhere to be found
the children gathered up a few things
started asking about her around town
by noon they knew their mom was gone
now they were on their own
three children living in a alley
in a box they called their home

Tell me what becomes of the children
who are left alone on the street
I'm sure you've seen them in your town
too young to meet defeat
what can we do for them
tell me how is it fair
the children need our help right away
why not show how much you care

When you're out walking around today
if you see someone less fortunate than you
why not offer them some help
give them a buck or two
invite them to come back to your home
clean up and have a home cooked meal
why not be nice to a stranger today
you have no idea how good it will feel
©2001 Jim Nasium

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The Climb To El Dorado

it was cold wet damp and foggy
twenty thousand feet in the sky
a small mountain village called to me
to this day I can't understand why
I felt the need to go there
but I'm very glad that did
make the climb to a magical place
that over the years remained hid

it was cold, wet, damp and foggy
but I knew I had to go
I gathered up some local guides
I figured that they would know
the climb was not an easy climb
the air too thin to take in
all packed up and ready to leave
our jounrey is waiting to begine

we were cold, it was damp and foggy
the moutain felt like it was made of mud
the llama that carried our gear
were very busy chewing their cud
of coca leave and sweet grass
we were also chewing too
when you're high in the andes with indians
it's always best to do what they do

cold wet damp and foggy
the hours passed by real slow
we zig zaged up the narrow trail
it was the only way to go
to a place they say is magical
where one can gather power
the guide who was in control
said we'd be there with in the hour

cold wet damp and foggy
my face was completly numb
I didn't want to ask questions
I didn't want to appear dumb
I set my stride and did my best
to keep up with the men
I knew this was my only chance
I could never come back here again
©2001 Jim Nasium

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I'll Never Come Here Again

the music was way too loud for me
there was too much smoke in the room
the lights were dim I couldn't see
so it was best to not assume
that every one sitting at the bar
was as happy as I am
what the hell am I doing here
I thought I'd never come here again

She was over by the pool table
dressed to kill, sitting on a stool
there was something about the way she looked at me
that made me start to drool
so I made my way over to her
asked her if she'd be my friend
she kissed me on the cheek and said
I thought I'd never see you here again

We spoke for awhile then I could see
exactly what was on her mind
so I asked her out in my car
for a little bump and grind
as we were walking out the door
she asked how much money did I have to spend
she said she wanted to get some beer to go
that way we wouldn't have to come here again

While waiting at the bar to pay
for the beer "to go" I wanted to buy
I noticed she was back in the corner
flirting with some other guy
I grabbed the beer and made my way
to her and her newest friend
gave her the beer and made it clear
that I'd never come back here again

It's not easy to find a woman
that can be honest, trustworthy and true
it seems that women now'a days
like to play the same games that I do
they use me for a night or so
get me to spend all I can spend
the woman I'm looking for ain't in this bar
so I'll never come here again
©2001 Jim Nasium

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In Spanish Town

In Spanish Town the market place
is opened all night and day
there are always little girls waiting
they'll do anything if you're willing to pay
the streets may be narrow and dirty
but anything you want is there
you can do what ever you want to
no one seems to care

In Spanish Town there's a cafe
on the corner of a street
that has a little antique shop
the stuff inside is neat
the lady who runs the little shop
will take you up to her room
for a price she'll be real nice
and let you act like her groom

In Spanish Town down by the dock
you can rent a boat by the day
hire some ladies to sail for you
then you can drift away
out to sea where no one at all
can say anything about what you do
in Spanish Town you can be free
what ever that means to you

In Spanish Town may years ago
I bought a little piece of land
I took the time to build a house
now try to understand
life for me is better there
that's why I'm going away
and yes I'm sorry to have to say so
but this time I am going to stay©2000 Jim Nasium

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Now That I Have Changed My Ways

Walking the beach at sunset
I saw her standing there
she had taken off all of her clothes
even her underwear
she stood by the waters edge and
she cried out to the setting sun
"how could you go and leave me
now another day of my life is done"
as she spoke these words to
the sun that now was gone
I knew I had to talk to her
but didn't want to approach her wrong
so when the last flicker of red that
had once brightened up the sky
disappeared I called to her
when she turned, I saw a tear in her eye
I asked what was wrong and if
there was anything I could do
she said just sit and talk to me
so I did, till half past two
then she asked me to tell her m
y name and said she liked me a lot
she asked what I was doing here
I told her that I forgot
and that nothing matters anymore
to me, since I met her
then I woke to the rising sun
and every thing was a blur
was this all a dream I had
I dream a lot these days
it's just the way that I spend time
now that I have changed my ways
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Getting Even

When you've been waiting for awhile
to get even with some you know
someone that was rather nasty to you
then at long last your chance comes to show
this person who hurt you what it feels like
to be treated mean and cruel
should you take the chance to get even
or should you live by the golden rule?

you've been waiting for what seems like forever
to get even with some one you hate
for all the things that she did to you
and now it's still not too late
do I take the chance to get even
and hurt her like she hurt me
or do I just forgive and forget
and try to go on in harmony

you waited and waited forever
you planned out what you'd like to do
then after what seemed like forever
the chance finally comes to you
tell me what would you do
if you had your chance to get even
they say time will heal all wounds

but my pain just ain't leaving

after waiting for what seemed like forever
at long last I now have a chance
so silently I watch and wait
for the perfect moment to prance
down on her and get even
for all the hell she put me through
but yet I sit and hesitate
I don't know what I should do

waiting for a chance to get even
with someone that hurt you bad
only makes matters worst
it'll keep you down and sad
but revenge is so sweet ya know
and I want to hurt her too
but something deep inside of me
won't let me do what I want to
©2000 Jim Nasium

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When I talk to her

When I talk to her I feel better
I love the sound of her voice
she's got that sexy Texas draw
she can't help it she has no choice
after all she is a cow girl
she likes to ride all night
she's pretty and likes to dress up
she willing and very tight

When I talk to her I feel better
she knows just what to say
although I have never met her yet
I do hope to some day
we'll sit and talk for awhile
under the shade of the tree
that stands in front of the little house
she bought for her and me

When I talk to her I feel better
I like the things she'll say
she seems to know just what to do
to chase my blues away
she understand it's hard on me
after all this is still all new
I feel better when I talk to her
she feel better when we talk too

©2000 Jim Nasium

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we spoke with our eyes

she was sitting right across from me
the sunlight was in her hair
she knew I was looking at her
but she didn't seem to care
we spoke volumes with our eyes
while eating lunch the other day
she knew what I was thinking
in the little corner cafe

she smiled at me often
when she'd catch my eye
she knew I was a dog in heat
I'm just that kind'a guy
when I see something that I like
I always take a chance
ya never know thing might work out
this may be another romance

she took her tray and back pack
walked over and sat next to me
she made it very clear that she
didn't want to know my personal history
all she wanted was a good time
all she had was one night
I told her she's a dream come true
she said I'm wet and tight

we left the cafe got a cab
went back to her hotel
as soon as I got in the room
I hit the room service bell
got some wine, cheese and fruit
a box of rubbers too
the little girl had no idea
just what I planned to do
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Sooner Or Later

small room walls painted white
dim light bulb in a metal cage
tiny window of sound proof glass
to contain the burning rage
a shatter soul feels inside
this lonely padded room
meals are slid under the door
locked to hold in the gloom

a small room with a metal door
a bed and toilet in the corner
nothing else at all with you
when you're here you're a goner
this is called the end of the line
there's no going back from here
you want them to tell you when you can leave
nothing any more is very clear

days pass by so slowly
you're not sure if it's day or night
there's not much to do but make hand puppets
from the shadow of the dim over head light
you wait till someone comes for you
to take a shower every other day
exactly how you ended up here
is a little hard for you to say

for years you tried to do your best
every thing you tried seemed to fail
you ended up doing drugs
then found your self in jail
time spent amongst the slime of the earth
didn't do you much good
they asked you once to give it up
now you wish that you could

one day you will be free again
that's if you play by the rule
and do everything that they say
even if you feel like a fool
try to be a good boy
the time will pass away
sooner or later it will happen
they got to let you out some day
©2000 Jim Nasium

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The Chat Room

I met in her a chat room
it was just the other day
she said she saw my profile
then asked if I wanted to play
she said she liked my photo
then told me I was hot
she wanted my phone number
to call and offer what she got

we talked for a little while
had a lot in common so
I asked if there was some place
she would be free to go
maybe for an afternoon
or perhaps she could spend the night
she said it's been almost three years
I bet her shit is tight

she said she likes it eaten
it makes her cum real easy
she likes her sex real hot
and don't mind if it gets sleazy
she's never had in the butt
although she's willing to give it a try
but she's so far away from me
so I sit here and wonder why

why do all these horney ladies
have to live so far away
they all want me to come over
just to spend some time and play
can't they see I'm willing
but what am I to do
not only do they live far away
but most of them are married too

they like to play in chat rooms
said they'd do this and that
sometimes I really wonder
exactly where there at
why would they throw themselves
at a stranger as weird as me
never did get to meet one of them yet
maybe next time, I'll just wait and see
®2000 Jim Nasium

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<1>all that's left to say

It's ok, go ahead
I really do understand
after all I never said that
I was a perfect man
my past is very colorful
I'm not easy to say the least
forced to hide the inner lamb
only show the outer beast

go ahead, it's ok
I knew you'd want to go
sooner or later the thrill is gone
and I already know
you've got someone waiting for you
he'll be at the end of the line
I'll be here thinking about you
at least what I got is all mine

it's ok, I do understand
and in a way it's good you go
perhaps you'll find a job somewhere
working back stage for some peep show
they say that sooner or later
all good things must end
and really I'm ok with that
I will always be your friend

go ahead, please, it's ok
things for me will get better
I know it'll all catch up with her
sooner or later karma's gonna get her
I never lied when I told her
I do things my own way
good bye good luck see ya around
is about all that's left to say
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Tired Broke And Strung Out

He didn't want to do this
he knew better that much is true
but some times life is just too much
it can honestly over whelm you
he's not as strong as he'd like to be
but he's stronger than he ever was
so he grabbed a pile of money
went down to her house for a buzz

Thick sweet smoke filled the room
her eyes were bugged and bloodshot
he didn't like going there
but she was the only one who got
the thing he wanted so badly
it made him feel more real
so he started talking to her
about doing this latest deal

She handed over the glass pipe
it was hot and full of smoke
she dropped a little stone in it
said "take a hit, this shit ain't no joke"
he took a big hit and held it in
his ears started to ring
then the siren freak that she was
looked at him and started to sing

She opened up her sweet firm legs
said "come here and take a smell"
he knew what she wanted him to do
but his ears were ringing like a bell
she dropped another stone in the pipe
gave him a low soft flame
he took another hit of it
then he went insane

He started to hear a buzzing
that was only in his head
she pulled him closer by his hair
"eat me" was what she said
he started licking her hard and long
she took off the rest of his clothes
and exactly where the hours went
neither one of them knows

She made him get down on his back
she sucked him till he was hard
then rode him like a cowgirl
she was a very wild card
the night had passed by quickly
dawn found them bugging on the floor
the only thing he could say to her
was "please give me just one more"

After she took all of his money
she told him he had to go
he begged her to change her mind
but she just kept saying no
after awhile he was able to
get dressed and leave that place
tired, broke and strung out
head held low in disgrace
®2000 Jim Nasium

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