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Ever Wonder
In Spanish Town
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No One Understands
I Couldn't Be Sure
It's Funny
Healthy, Wealthy & Dumb
The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

I've Turned Into My Father

I wasn't ready for this
I've been alone too long
I tried the best I knew how
but everything's gone wrong
I can't deal with all the energy
the fads, the pace, the attitude
I can't get any respect at all
and I hate it when he calls me dude

I tired my best to bite my tung
and always go with the flow
but over the months my son's been here
he mistakes kindness for weakness, ya know
enough is enough it's got to stop
I say what I mean and expect
my wishes to be carried out
but all I get is neglect

well it has finally happened
I got to admit it, it's true
I only hope something like this
never happens to you
I never thought I'd be saying this
but now I can see that it's true
I have turned into my father
it's the worst that could happen too

I find myself growing tired
of the stubbornness of a 15 year old boy
he takes my expensive trinkets
and treats them just like a toy
he takes from me and won't give back
I get no respect at all
I've been turned into my father
I freaked out at what I saw

"I don't care what the others do
this is my house" I said
"and damn it son it's 11 o clock
why aren't you in bed
you lied about your home work
you're driving me insane"
I only know what I lived
to respond like my father's in my brain

I saw my self standing there yelling
only I was the little boy
and my father was doing the screaming
trust me is was no joy
so I stopped the yelling I was doing
gave my son a hug and turned away
said good night as I turned off the light
happy it was the end of the day

being a single parent
is actually a pretty tuff job
I try to keep my son looking good
but he likes to dress like a slob
his pants are too big, his shirts too long
I don't know what he has in his hair
his pants are down around his knees
I can see his underwear

he thinks I am a push over
because he knows he so damn cute
I wish he had an off button
or at least one for mute
he's on almost all time
I get no time to create
unless it's when he's at school
or at night when it gets late

I'll never let him go to bed
knowing that I am mad
it breaks my heart to see him
when he's feeling sad
but after all there comes a time
when a kid has things to do
like listen to his fater
and go to bed on time too

I've turned into my father
but I guess it is ok
cause at least I can catch myself
when I get about half way
I screamed at my son for the first time
actually it was kind'a neat
to see him give me that much attention
was really rather sweet

lets see what happens tomorrow night
and the night that comes after that
lets see just how much he's learn
my son is a pretty cool cat
perhaps tonight was meant to happen
maybe he needed to see me that way
looks like I've turned into my father
I have no more to say...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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No Time To Get Around

There has never ever been a kid that was as lucky or old as me I always took pride in the fact that I was over 50 and 100% free I came and went as I pleased had no one to slow me down but now things have changed for me I'm no longer free to get around

It's been so very many years
of living life just for one
I had no responsibilities
there was only time for fun
but now I'm a single parent
I've a young son to care for
it seems that I am stuck here
I ain't getting around much any more

I accept my fate and push along
doing the best that I can
but just when I get one problem resolved
another problem pops up again
it seems that fates against me
it's time for me to settle down
I'm not free like I used to be
there's no time now to get around

©2000 Jim Nasium

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The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

Being in love is like playing a game
every day you make another move
and everything seems to turn out wrong
just when it was in the groove
life is like a game board
lover take one moce at a time
it's easier for me to draw a picture for you
then try to explain it in rhyme....

Three Sides To Every Story

There are three sides to every story
I think you know that it's true
there's the version that I would tell
then the side that comes from you
now you might want to say to me
yo man that's only two
but lets not forget the important side
that's the side of the story that's true

There are three sides to every story
no matter what you think
no one ever tells the truth any more
personally I think it stinks
that no matter where you hear about it
it will be told a different way
there are three sides to every story
that's all I have to say
©2001 Jim Nasium

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The Ritual

barefoot I walk quietly through darkness
dew soaked grass wets my feet
I stop to face East near the creek
flowing steadily in my back yard

spreading bread, peanuts and seed
I thank my God for another day
early birds sing songs of my generosity
as first light of dawn lights the sky

I hear movement in the tress above me
squirrels, and more birds are gathering
all creatures awake witness the new day
pushing the cloak of darkness to the other side

the promise of a new day surrounds us
the dawn sky is full of brilliant color
cool fresh air has been taken deep in my lungs
thanks and praise have been given

food for the animals has been placed
once again all is right in my world
finished the ritual now as day begins
I retreat to my humble studio

soon my other friend will be here
she comes to me every night
Dusk I wait for you and your color
I am a creature of the sun

Inca before me understood
following the cycle of the sun
affords one an inner peace
with peace comes power

Dawn and her sister Dusk
fill the air with energy
I take in all that I can
the ritual is an ancient one
©2001 Jim Nasium

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The Old Farm House

it was foggy this morning when I went for my walk
the dawn sun was trying hard to break through
I crossed the creek and walk through the field
just like I always do
but this morning when I stood there
where the old apple tree used to be
I could see the old farm house in the valley
something strange was happening to me

I gathered my thoughts and headed down
in the valley towards the farm house below
this may not sound unusual to you
but there's something you don't know
the old farm house was knocked down
just about ten years ago
there are now three rows of town houses there
well there should'a of been, where did they go

I opened the door to the farm house
the inside was exactly the same
as it was when I was a child
a very safe place when the rain
forced us in out of the woods
or stopped us from playing out in the field
I stepped inside and took a deep breathe
then a secret was reviled

I knew now what happened to the family
who used to live in this house
the husband murdered his children
then he went and killed his spouse
he walked out side and hung himself
from the big old apple tree
it was as if I saw everything
that had happened here back in '53

the wind blew in the open door
and seemed to set off a bell
I only heard it a little while
then realized it was a sound I knew well
my alarm clock was ringing as loud as it could
the time for dreams came to an end
I looked out the window across to the field
the town houses we back there again...
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Memories Tease And Haunt

The place was Negril Jamaica
the year was 1972
I was one'a the first to stay
when all the games were still new
no one ever understood
exactly what was going on
time passed by so quickly
before too long a year had gone

I built a little wooden house
rented out a room by week
offered food and sheltered
lived large but acted meek
everyone there was willing
to help me when they could
before to long the place grew
exactly as I hoped it would

a few more rooms were added
rented out by the week to hippies
there was a sense of freedom there
on the hill that over looked the seas
clear blue waters and pure white sand
breadfruit trees every where
is it any wonder I long to go back
and spend some time down there

the years passed and I came and went
took vacations when ever I could
but now I'm a single parent
so let it be understood
that my son is more importaint
than any house on a hill
he says he likes being here
and it looks like he always will

one day when he is older
I can take him with me down there
show him around the place
teach him how to share
the things I got when I was young
with the poeple I have never forgot
I don't have freedom anymore
now responsibilite is all I got

I don't want to be a parent
not the way this happened to me
someone ought to take his mother out
and throw her in the sea
for dumping my son on me
after all they were gone long
but now it seems he's here to stay
and it looks like she is gone
©2001 Jim Nasium

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The Climb To El Dorado

it was cold wet damp and foggy
twenty thousand feet in the sky
a small mountain village called to me
to this day I can't understand why
I felt the need to go there
but I'm very glad that did
make the climb to a magical place
that over the years remained hid

it was cold, wet, damp and foggy
but I knew I had to go
I gathered up some local guides
I figured that they would know
the climb was not an easy climb
the air too thin to take in
all packed up and ready to leave
our jounrey is waiting to begine

we were cold, it was damp and foggy
the moutain felt like it was made of mud
the llama that carried our gear
were very busy chewing their cud
of coca leave and sweet grass
we were also chewing too
when you're high in the andes with indians
it's always best to do what they do

cold wet damp and foggy
the hours passed by real slow
we zig zaged up the narrow trail
it was the only way to go
to a place they say is magical
where one can gather power
the guide who was in control
said we'd be there with in the hour

cold wet damp and foggy
my face was completly numb
I didn't want to ask questions
I didn't want to appear dumb
I set my stride and did my best
to keep up with the men
I knew this was my only chance
I could never come back here again
©2001 Jim Nasium

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All About Dreams

Our paths crossed in some cyber room
right way something clicked
it seemed as though fate stepped in
and our soul mates had been picked
she knew right away I was the one
well at least that what she said
the first time that I saw her
she was all I imagined in my head

we met and almost instantly
I knew that I had found
the one and only person
to get me back on the ground
we fit aginst each other
in a perfect lovers knot
her lips we made to fit mine
things like that aren't easily forgot

we talked of her returning
she said I'll pack up my truck
but nothing went as we'd planned
it's just my shitty luck
a dream's a dream that's all it is
a giant waste of time
to trust with your heart in a dream
is so sad it's almost a crime

time went by so slowly
but each day I would pray
that she wasn't bullshitting me
and meant every word she'd say
it was as if a dream came true
but only for a little while
even though the dream fell apart

we talked of plans and ideas
but nothing seemed to work
I sat here on the edge of my chair
just waiting like a jerk
I took a chance and had a dream
found out dreams don't come true
so take my advice and wake up
there's not much else left to do
©2001 Jim Nasium

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In Spanish Town

In Spanish Town the market place
is opened all night and day
there are always little girls waiting
they'll do anything if you're willing to pay
the streets may be narrow and dirty
but anything you want is there
you can do what ever you want to
no one seems to care

In Spanish Town there's a cafe
on the corner of a street
that has a little antique shop
the stuff inside is neat
the lady who runs the little shop
will take you up to her room
for a price she'll be real nice
and let you act like her groom

In Spanish Town down by the dock
you can rent a boat by the day
hire some ladies to sail for you
then you can drift away
out to sea where no one at all
can say anything about what you do
in Spanish Town you can be free
what ever that means to you

In Spanish Town may years ago
I bought a little piece of land
I took the time to build a house
now try to understand
life for me is better there
that's why I'm going away
and yes I'm sorry to have to say so
but this time I am going to stay©2000 Jim Nasium

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Now That I Have Changed My Ways

Walking the beach at sunset
I saw her standing there
she had taken off all of her clothes
even her underwear
she stood by the waters edge and
she cried out to the setting sun
"how could you go and leave me
now another day of my life is done"
as she spoke these words to
the sun that now was gone
I knew I had to talk to her
but didn't want to approach her wrong
so when the last flicker of red that
had once brightened up the sky
disappeared I called to her
when she turned, I saw a tear in her eye
I asked what was wrong and if
there was anything I could do
she said just sit and talk to me
so I did, till half past two
then she asked me to tell her m
y name and said she liked me a lot
she asked what I was doing here
I told her that I forgot
and that nothing matters anymore
to me, since I met her
then I woke to the rising sun
and every thing was a blur
was this all a dream I had
I dream a lot these days
it's just the way that I spend time
now that I have changed my ways
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Elysium Fields

I stand here and I'm frightened
only because I am alone
I am with out my family
my friends, or my home
yet not ashamed at all
no longer old and bent over
I see that others are out there
on the horizon of this new plane
I do not know any of them
none of them seem to have a name

what is it that I should do
now that I've found myself here
I don't understand what went wrong
none of what happened is very clear

I see the others walking
I wonder where do they go
why won't any of them wait for me
how am I to know

I watch the others out there
on the horizon of this new place
I do not know any of them
none of them have a face

so I start my last journey
alone, in these Elysium Fields
I have no idea where I am going
or what this journey will yield

every thing is so perfect
everything is so pure
I wonder do I belong here
I am not really sure
©2000 Jim Nasium

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The Cafe On The Corner

On the corner of a back street
in a small glass front cafe
a Jamaican woman called Edna
cooks island food every day
I go down there to eat sometimes
I like Jamaican food
I try to be on my best behavior
to be polite and never rude

Edna is a beautiful woman
her skin a deep dark brown
her hair is soft and natural
you can see that she's been around
she makes me tell her stories
of island days now in the past
she knows I miss her island
and wish that youth would last

Most of her family's still on the island
she is just one of the few
who recently came to the USA
to try their luck at something new
the cafe is her home and business
she lives upstairs in a room
she always looks so damn good
I just love the scent of her perfume

She serves me what ever I order
she knows I love to eat
we've become good friends
we were very lucky to meet
she knows I want to do her
I think she wants to do me to
I'm trying to act like a gentleman
but it's hard, I'm telling you

Edna bakes her own cakes and pies
she's also a very good cook
it's fun to watch her at the stove
she has this certain look
even more than bedroom eyes
desire flows from her every pore
the more I sit and watch her
the more I want her even more

©2000 Jim Nasium

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It's Funny

It's funny how things go
strange the way things turn out
here one moment, gone the next
I never know what to expect anymore

it's funny the way thing went down
I would have never thought that you
could be so cold, so very cruel
I don't know what I am going to do

it's funny the way I fell
head first into your trap
confused by your siren song of love
I needed the things that you promised me

It's funny that I still want
all the things I don't need
maybe if I stop thinking of the good times
maybe if I could sleep

It's funny to me now
funny the way things go
I wonder where you are
I guess I'll never know
©2000 Jim Nasium

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Ever Wonder

Ever wonder why things go wrong
when you try hard to make them right
do you understand why you're alone
each and every night
can't you see what's going on
is part of His perfect plan
it don't matter if you like it or not
or even if you understand

Ever wonder why
when you do the best you can
you're forced to do it over
again and again and again
the same old thing day after day
not much at all is new
don't worry too much about it
He has a plan for you

Ever wonder when and where
this thing called life will end
and when it does will we
really live again
forever in a better place
if we follow His rules
or are we just wasting our time
and being played for fools

Ever wonder why nothing goes right
and things just seem to get worse
do you think that maybe
your life has been cursed
take your time and go slow
don't worry about it at all
there's not much you can do anyhow
when your back's up against the wall

The powers that be are watching you
to see what you will do
and since you have a free will
be sure to use it to
do only the things you know are right
and then maybe some day
all your troubles will stop
and He will have His way
©2000 Jim Nasium

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I Couldn't Be Sure

She told me that she worked in a Veterinary clinic, and that she had a plan to make millions of dollars, and that she was going to retire just as soon as she could, once her plan started to work for her. Her plan was to record the sounds of the clinic she worked in, and sell the recording, on CD's and tape. She planned to record the sound of the dogs barking, the cats meowing, all day long, and sell the recording to people who lived quiet lives..

I told her I thought she was insane, and I handed her my card, and asked her to check out my web site and to call me... She smiled, and she told me that she always knew that one day she would meet an artist, and fall for him in a big way, and at that moment she stold my heart. She was 20 years younger than I was, but at that moment, the age difference didn't even matter... We sat and talked about our plans, and our dreams, and our hopes for the future for some time, then we said goodnight. She said she would call me, but I couldn't be sure if she would or not.

As I drove home I thought to myself, that maybe people who lived quiet lives really would be interested in a tape, or CD of just the sounds of dogs barking and cats meowing, but I couldn't be sure...
®2000 Jim Nasium

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Healthy, Wealthy & Dumb

I go early to bed
and early I rise
it's supposed to make me healthy
wealthy and wise
well that's what they say
but I know it's not true
how wise could I be
now that I've lost you

early to bed
to dream away the night
up at dawn
even though I don't feel right
working all day
out in the hot sun
I make a lott'a money
but have no time for fun

you may think that I'm
doing ok
but I got something to tell you
it's not really that way
I work all day
write and draw late into the night
I can't sleep at all
since you're gone nothing is right

early to bed, and early to rise
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
well thats what I heard
long ago from some bum
but it's only made me
healthy, wealthy and dumb
©2000 Jim Nasium

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No One Understands

no one understand me
no matter how hard I try
why is this to be my fate
can some one tell me why
all I want to do is write
and share my deepest dreams
I stay alone locked away
so no one can hear my screams
I draw the things that I see
deep inside my brain
have you any idea at all
why I like to walk in the rain?
®2000 Jim Nasium

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