Beth: The Back Room
Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

A story poem about a lovely young lady I once called my lover...

A sad violin was playing
in a smokey back street cafe
no place to be nothing to do
it's was just another day
the hours pass by slowly
I start to shed a tear
I just can't seem to forget her
wishing she was still here

Trying my best not to cry
I took a deep long breath
no matter how hard I tired
I couldn't stop thinking about Beth
she was the only one for me
but I realized that way too late
when she left she took my heart
and now I can't even date

Our time together was colorful
never dull to say the least
she'd love to cook and bake for me
laid out quite a feast
too bad we never saw eye to eye
there was some thing special there
but enough is enough ya know what I mean
the way things turned out just isn't fair

Beth was a classy lady
she could paint, write and draw
liked to sing and dance
was pretty good from what I saw
always dressed up like a lady
she was really good in bed
no matter how hard I tried
I couldn't get Beth out of my head

The tears just started flowing
I couldn't help myself
not only was Beth beautiful
but she came from a family of wealth
she said she'd always love me
but I just can't understand
why my Beth had to go away
what happen to our plan

A waitress sat down next to me
she looked at me and smiled
understanding my sadness
some how aware of my troubles and trials
she asked me to try to cheer up
said I had such a sad look on my face
she said "come on in the back with me
you're bumming every one out in the place"

I picked up my linen napkin
blew my nose and wiped my eyes
looked around at the whole cafe
screamed out "every thing she told me was lies"
the waitress took me by the arm
said "please come with me
there's some thing in the back room
that I'd like you to see"

We walked through the kitchen together
I broke out in tears again
the waitress stopped and gave me a hug
said "it's alright I've an ear to lend
come with me to the back room
you'll feel much better then"
I said "ok lets go I'm ok now"
and thanked her for being a friend

I walked into the back room
and standing over near the far wall
was the woman I had been missing
I couldn't believe what I saw
Beth was there waiting for me
she said she was sorry for what she had done
getting back together was not very smart
but we both needed to have a little fun

We spent some time together
went out for three days that night
she was just as much fun as ever
still got real wet and was very tight
but just like so many times before
we had another fight
no matter how hard I try
things with Beth never turn out right

A sad violin was playing
in a smokey back street cafe
things are getting bad for me again
I miss her more and more each day
she wanted more than I could give her
never understood the world I came from
she was a talented and educated lady
but when it came to common sense, she had none...

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©2003 Jim Nasium

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