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The Dance Hall

One night at the local dance hall
when the place was really slow
two strangers met and started to dance
glad to meet someone they didn't know
the song that played was bitter sweet
they danced slowly in each others arms
they were happy to be alone out there
he won her over with his charms...

He spun her around in circles
she held on to him night
he wanted to be with her badly
for the whole rest of the night
she wanted him more than anything
but didn't know what to do
when the music stopped she smiled at him
he smiled back at her too

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Her eyes were screaming take me
let's go back to your place
he was thinking right here right now
would be a good time to get some face
he asked her to come in the back room
she must have read his mind
she gave him head with not a word said
he did her from the front and then from behind

They went around the world that night
under a table on the dance hall floor
he was her amazing stud puppet
she was his low class whore
they both lived out their fantasy
but then came the dawn
he turned away for a moment
when he looked back, she was gone...

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©2002 Jim Nasium

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