She's Leaving Again
Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

She said she's leaving town again
I begged her to stay with me
she wants nothing to do with a sick man
she said she'd needs to be alone and free
I followed her to the bus station
I begged her not to go
she never even turned around
it hurt me more than you'll ever know

She said that she is leaving
she had all she can take
spending seven years together
all of a sudden was a mistake
I should have seen it coming
I never trusted her anyhow
the only thing I want to know
is what the hell am I supposed to do now

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Sick and getting sicker
looking worse each and every day
I miss our tender moments
all the sweet things she would say
there's nothing I can do to change her mind
it's better this way I know
she wanted more than I could give
so I've got to let her go

She said that she is leaving
she has to get away
she's going back to her "friend"
and she's leaving later on today
there's not much I can do about it
I know it's all for the best
spending lonely hours in my studio
taking my meds and getting plenty of rest...

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©2003 Jim Nasium

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