Another Waiting Room
Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

Sitting in another waiting room again
it's the same thing just another day
I feel my self drifting off
but I don't care and it's ok
I like to go for metal walks
when I drift off into a day dream
it's really ok no matter what you say
because nothing is as it seems

Another day another waiting room
so many sick people all around
not one of them has anything to say
not one of them makes a sound
I break the ice with a simple joke
make comments about the weather that day
they all seem to want to keep to themselves
and honestly, it's probably better that way

Another day another waiting room I get nothing but bad news
any wonder I'm depressed now'a days
any wonder I got the blues
no matter how hard I try to fight
I just can't seem to win
so every morning at first light
I ask God to forgive me my sins......

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©2003 Jim Nasium

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