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This Web Page is being used to display my newest GymArt work. Many of you already know of my work, and know that I write poems for my art, so I have included a condensed version of the poem I wrote, for the new piece of my new GymArt that you'll see displayed below.

This Years Local Art Show

the show was a show like any other
all the local artist were there
I tried to blend in with the crowd
I felt the need to disappear
my work hung there with the best of them
a blue ribbon hung from the frame
but trying to act like I wanted to be there
was nothing less than insane

black and white shoes, gray pin stripped suit
black shirt and a very loud tie
hair slicked back as to hide who I am
I still can't figure out why
the food sat on the table waiting
the band played chamber music till two
I had to leave the show soon as I could
because I wasn't there with you

I watched you walk up to the front
you received your prize with a smile
I was happy for you winning first prize
you belong in the spot light for awhile
I recall when we used to go to these shows
together and we'd dress to kill
but seeing you at the art show tonight
just didn't give me the same kind of thrill

as hungry as I was I walked right by
the table with all the fine food
when asked if I wanted something to drink
I got a little rude
I said "I got to get out of here
seeing her is fucking with my heart"
everyone in the place must of heard me
because the whole evening fell apart

she stood there with the mic in her hand
then she started to call out my name
everyone in the place was so confused
and I guess I was to blame
I left my art and left my prize
ran right out the front door
got in my car and drove away
I ain't going back there no more...

the local art show was a success this year
well at least that's what the say
I know that they'll will never forget me
or what I did there yesterday
when I saw her all dressed up real fine
like she used to dress for me
once a very long time ago
but now she and I are history

©2002 Jim Nasium

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