How Much More (can one man take)
Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

How much more can one man take
where and when did he make the mistake
why'd he end up alone sitting in a corner
he can't take much more, or he'll be a goner

His head's in his hand he's ready to scream
it's as if his life is one long bad dream
too many days sitting quietly there alone
he turned off his computer, and his telephone

He'd tell you he's just waiting, and waiting some more
but the truth of it is he's forgot what's he waiting for
the hours go by as if they were days
he sits there alone, in a self induced haze...

To tired and weak to even want to speak
his heart has been destroyed beyond repair
and if this is to be his fate
he'd tell you he don't even care...

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Day after day
he sits there alone
his only companions
the computer and phone
nothing ever changes
things stay the same
he holds his head crying
thinking he is to blame....

How did this happen
he was so full of life
never did marry
now longs for a wife
he's no place to go
and nothing to do
he holds his head crying
thinking about you...

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©2008 Jim Nasium

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