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This Web Page is being used to display my newest GymArt work. Many of you already know of my work, and know that I write poems for my art, so I have included a condensed version of the poem I wrote, for the new piece of my new GymArt that you'll see displayed below.

The Lovers

They sit in alone in the corner
they want to be alone
I come to this place often
but mostly I am alone
I want to sit closer
so I can hear what lovers say
perhaps I could learn a thing or two
that may prove uselful someday

I wonder if I'll ever
have a lover of my own
that'll come out to diner ands sit with me
or is my fate to be alone
I'm tired of buying whores
I want a lady that's true
I want to be like the lovers
but theres not much I can do

©2002 Jim Nasium

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