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Still Fresh In Her Mind

She sits cross legged alone at home
trying to drown herself in tears
she has to try to accept what she's done
forget her sorrows and her fears
she should of known what would happen
being naked with him all alone
in his studio working on her portfolio
on the upper floor of his home...

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How can she tell her husband
he would never understand
this is the first time that she's ever
had sex with another man
she almost wants to go back
the artist made her feel real good
her husbands never nice to her
he don't treat her like he should

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She sits cross legged on the floor
not knowing what to do
if she ever told her husband
she knows that they'd be through
the artist wants to stay single
had no desire for a wife
she's not sure of much right now
but she knows she messed up her life...
©2002 Jim Nasium

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