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This Web Page is being used to display my newest GymArt work. Many of you already know of my work, and know that I write poems for my art, so I have included a condensed version of the poem I wrote, for the new piece of my new GymArt that you'll see displayed below.

The Quiet Studio

They Come When I Am Sleeping

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It was all a dream, I'm pretty sure of that anyhow...

I was in my own bed, for the first time in a very long time sleep had come to and offered me a dream, in the dream I could see them standing around me, right there on my bed. They were all pointing at something, but no matter how hard I tired I just couldn't see what it was that they were pointing at. The lower part of my bed seemed to turn into some sort of metal grates, or doors, and I could hear strange sounds coming from the depths of the bed as spirits floated above me, and strange faces formed behind my chamber walls. The little men stood on my bed and pointed up at some thing that the dream would not allow me to see, yet it was some thing, I could feel, that was just for me, something waiting just for me, something wanting me...

The dream left me feeling as if something is waiting for me, and that it will want me soon. I know that soon it will be time for me to go where the little people who stood on my bed in the dream were pointing...

This time may come sooner than I would like it too, it may not come for years, but inside of me I know it is coming, that's the reason for my tears...

©2001 Jim Nasium

Please take time to sign my guest book and visit my pricelist page

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