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All Alone In His Studio

He sits alone in his studio
looking out the window to the street
he has an appointment coming soon
with a young lady who's very sweet
she wants to be a model
but she needs a portfolio
said she do any thing for one
and he's the right guy to know

He sits alone just waiting
on a chair, near a table with a light
with his computer, camera and back drops
his studio is painted white
"it's better for taking photos" he said
he's a pro at what ever he tries to do
he likes taking all kinds of pictures
he'll do a little oil painting too

In the corner near the window
that lets in the afternoon light
is a self portrait he started long ago
and one'a these days he just might
find the time to finish the piece
but he's always got so much to do
lately he's been doing computer art
and writing some poetry too

His studio in side a brick building
over on the bad side of town
it used to be a factory
but then the office part burnt down
he's way up on the third floor
no one can get to him there
"being alone is good for the soul"
he said, "that's why I stay here"...

Please take time to sign my guest book and visit my pricelist page

Please take time to sign my guest book and visit my pricelist page

©2002 Jim Nasium

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