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Head and I still talking...

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My Closest Friend

I've only had one close friend
he and I have been buddies all our life
and even after he moved away
bought a home, had children, with his wife
we always stayed in touch some how
especially since we got on the internet
my closest friend and I have done things
neither of us will ever forget

My closest friend and I grew up together
he lived on the other side of the street
and to be perfectly honest I can't remember
exactly how or when we did meet
but I know we were boys and trust me
that was a long long time ago
when ever his parents took him some where
they always asked me if I wanted to go

I think we met one summer day back in '54
while I was riding my bike in the street
my closest friend showed me his new baseball glove
and I thought that new glove was neat
then he showed his baseball card collection
so I showed him my telescope and model cars
he told me he was really into baseball
I told him I was into watching stars

My closest friend and I played together
every day in the summer and even at night
we went to the same school together
I always helped him if he got in a fight
we grew up and the next thing you know
both of us went to Jamaica together in '72
we both liked it there, and this much I'll share
there was always some thing for hippies to do

Recently my closest friends cousin (3) died
and we honored Threes last wish
he wanted his ashes dumped in a coral reef
off 'a the coast'a Negril with the fish
so we all got together down in Negril
it was just about 11 months ago
if you want to see some photos of that time
this is the place to go:
Click Here; Negril 07.07

My closest friend is married now for 25 years
he has a wife, a daughter and two sons
his wife loves to cook and I try not to look
but (oh my) she's got the sweetest buns
neither one of us live on that street anymore
but we do try to stay in touch
most of the time I am here alone
but having one close friend can mean so much...

©2007 Jim Nasium

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