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This Web Page is being used to display my newest GymArt work. Many of you already know of my work, and know that I write poems for my art, so I have included a condensed version of the poem I wrote, for the new piece of my new GymArt that you'll see displayed below.

They Wait For Her

They line up and wait for her
she uses them one by one
no matter if she breaks their heart
to her this is a lot of fun
they wait silently for her
she keeps them on a list
the point of why they're waiting for her
I fear she some how missed

They line up waiting for her
they want to treat her right
they'll work all day to keep her
as long as she's there at night
but that's not what she's looking for
all she wants is a little fun
she uses them up one by one
then throws them away when she is done

I no longer stand in line
I've decided it's bet to back away
I saw what she did to the other men
as recent as just yesterday
I'm better off standing alone over here
just out of her reach
they say every time you get hurt
there's a lesson fate's trying to teach

©2002 Jim Nasium

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