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This Web Page is being used to display my newest GymArt work. Many of you already know of my work, and know that I write poems for my art, so I have included a condensed version of the poem I wrote, for the new piece of my new GymArt that you'll see displayed below. I hope you enjoy this page of

My Newest Art

The Art Show

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At dawn I loaded the van up
with about 30 pieces of my art
I got to the place around seven
I knew that the work would start
hanging a show's not easy
each piece has to look just right
you have to consider the viewer
and be sure that there's enough light

I was finished with my display by two o'clock
and I needed to get something to eat
I figured I'd go home and change
but while I was walking down the street
I saw a friend I hadn't seen
in such a very long time
we decided to eat lunch together
then started drinking Jamaican Rum with Lime

It was late so I drove just as fast as I could
straight home to shower and get in a suit
I was pretty tired and very wasted
but I just didn't give a hoot
I got dress up just as nice as I could
grabbed my car keys and some money
got into my Lincoln Town Car
then drove back as fast as could be

When I got there the gallery was crowded
I really didn't want to show up at all
I was tired from hanging my art all day
just right on each galley wall
happy to have a one man show
sad to be here alone
a young lady walked up to me
asked me outside to smoke a bone

I followed her to the back of the building
there's some tables and chairs back there
outside where no one could see us
when she stripped to her underwear
the sex we had was wild
we did it right on the ground
fate brought us together that night
when no one else was around

I looked a mess but I was happy
when me and my newest friend
walked back into the gallery
and it was just about then
they announced who the artists was
I was blinded by a large spotlight
I screamed get that fucking light out of my eyes
which of course ruined the rest of the night

The show is over I and I did ok
I moved a couple pieces of my art
I figure if I have a show again
next time I'll get there at the start
say my hello's and leave right away
I don't do well at all in a crowd
but at least I met a friend and had a show
and of that I am rather proud
Please take time to sign my guest book and visit my pricelist page

©2001 Jim Nasium

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